TELL CONGRESS IT’S TIME FOR ALL STATES TO HAVE LEGAL ONLINE GAMBLING. The status quo is unacceptable. Americans who want to gamble online deserve a strictly regulated, safe industry here in the United States. Parents must be assured their children cannot gamble online. American consumers must be protected.

Existing federal laws regarding online gambling are not working, and U.S. law enforcement does not have the most effective tools necessary to shut down operators who are engaging in illegal activities.  In essence, we have a “wild west” atmosphere with no U.S. regulation – nothing to prevent minors from gambling and no consumer protections.

It’s time for Congress to address the problems associated with offshore Internet gambling and give law enforcement the tools to crack down on illegal sites that offer all forms of gambling. And it’s time for Congress to ensure the integrity and safety of online gambling. Sign the petition by using the form below, and join us in calling on Congress to pass federal legislation giving all Americans the ability to play online poker, bet on sports, and play casino games from their homes or mobile devices.

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