Las Vegas Raiders have extended their multi-year partnership by announcing that BetMGM is now their official sports betting partner. The announcement comes at no better time as the 2020 NFL season is now in full swing.

The National Football League kicked off last month, and the Las Vegas Raiders just registered their first three wins of the season.

Experts predict that the 2020 NFL will draw in more betting activity than any other years previously. Realizing the growing trend, the Raiders decided to collaborate with BetMGM in a multi-year deal.

As sports betting is witnessing an unprecedented increase with an ever-increasing number of wagers made on the NFL, here we talk about the impact of the deal between the Raiders and Bet MGM.

We’re Now in the Second Month of 2020 NFL Season

It’s been lovely to see the US sports industry finally back in action after months where all sporting events were put on hold. Gradually, several leagues have begun to resume their seasons with necessary changes set in place to ensure people’s safety.

Organizers of the NFL looked at the possibilities to resume the season immediately, and various safety plans were put forward. By late July, the resumption of the season was approved.

The opening game of the 2020 NFL season kicked off on September 10. Global fans of this highly anticipated football league flocked to various sports betting sites to place their bets on the week’s game results.

As the first month is now complete, we have seen many significant upsets occurring. Many most exciting games will also take place during this coming month, including the Packers at Buccaneers on October 18, and 49ers at Patriots on October 25, providing keen sports better with many gambling options.

BetMGM and Las Vegas Raiders Are Official Partners Now

Sports betting is now more popular than ever before, and the arrival of the NFL season has further increased the activity of this industry. It has almost become a new norm to see professional sports teams joining hands with major betting entities.

The news of the official partnership between BetMGM and the Las Vegas Raiders is now the talk of the town.

Owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, BetMGM has become one of the leading sports betting platforms in the US. The new partnership will further expand the company’s portfolio.

While expressing his excitement on this new union, CEO of BetMGM, Adam Greenblatt, has said, “This new deal complements what is already a great and rewarding relationship with MGM Resorts and the Raiders, and we look forward to introducing Raiders fans to the excitement of sports betting with BetMGM.”

Under this deal, BetMGM can now give more specific information via the betting app to Raiders fans including the availability of exclusive betting options on Raiders games. All sports enthusiasts in Nevada may register to this app by visiting any BetMGM-operated sportsbook.

Odds on NFL Are Available Online

The football fans in Nevada can now benefit from some exclusive Raiders wagering options via the BetMGM app. Luckily, sports fans do not necessarily have to be located in Nevada to bet using the BetMGM app; as long as the jurisdiction you are based in has legalized online sports betting, you will be granted access to the wagers.

However, even if not live in your state, another online betting platform, Bovada, is available throughout the United States and offers fantastic odds for NFL games, making the season more exciting for all.

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