The Model Anti-Gambling Act

[Above Link is to a PDF FORMAT Document of the Model Act]

Adopted in 1952 and declared “obsolete” in 1984 by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws (211 E. Ontario St., Suite 1300, Chicago IL 60611, T: 312-915-0195, e-mail contact:

The Act was adopted by only a few states.  However, the Act contains the comments of the drafting committee, The American Bar Association Commission on Organized Crime, that are instructive in understanding and interpreting the meaning of some statutory provisions in various state laws.  The Model Act is no longer generally available but was kindly made available to me on request to the Commission.

The drafters adopted a three-pronged approach to defining and criminalizing gambling.  Those who conducted gambling activities for profit were treated most harshly.  Those who played in the illegal, for-profit games were also treated somewhat harshly.  The activities of mere social gamblers were not criminalized.

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