Governor Reinstates Remote Registration for Illinois Sports Betting

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 The new executive order by Governor J.B. Pritzker has reinstated the remote registration option for the bettors for online sports betting in Illinois.

With this development, the bettors have more options available to them, thanks to the governor’s order to this effect. Now Illinois residents can register online provided they are within the state lines, making use of remote accounts. The development will make placing a bet easier for those enthusiasts who wanted to observe social distancing.

The Directive Will Continue to Persist

The executive order that allowed remote registration is a prolongation of how things had been up until July. Governor J.B. Pritzker had given the order, suspending the need for in-person account registration with regard to online sports betting.

However, the order failed to get an extension in July, meaning that people would be obliged to go back to in-person registration at authorized gaming facilities.

It appears that the executive realized the people’s trouble that remote registration is an easier and more convenient option for them.

Social distancing requirements seem to influence Gov. Pritzker’s decision, making him reinstate his initial executive order, called 2020-52.

The governor also said the new order would help observe social distancing requirements currently in place at licensed casino establishments. It will offer people the option to place a wager while still staying home.

What Will Be the Life of the New Order?

Currently, the remote registration order is bound to expire on September 19. Indeed, it is extendable. Yet, it just means that is how long the existing one is in place.

The governor is expected to reconsider the issue at that time. After reviewing the existing health situation, he is likely to make a decision according to the circumstances.

The initial order that allowed remote registration first took effect on June 4. The original plan was to keep the order in place for as long as the Illinois Gubernational Disaster Proclamations lasted.

The land-based casinos reopened in late July at the 50 percent of its capacity. It was then that the authorities suspended the remote registration allowance.

Who Will Reap the Most?

It is difficult to say at this moment as both the operators and the bettors themselves are delighted with the decision. With this reinstatement, Illinois sports bettors will be able to place bets from the comforts of their home. They will now be able to enjoy sports betting whenever they live, and that too without risking contamination with the virus.

On the other hand, the sportsbook operators are also satisfied with the decisions, considering that casinos are only able to operate at a reduced capacity of not more than 50 percent.

Regarding the available betting options that the enthusiasts will have, there are BetRivers, which began its operations in June. Besides, they also have DraftKings which began serving bettors at the beginning of the month.

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