The sports media network, NBC, has an official sports betting partner now following a multi-year deal between PointsBet and NBCUniversal. It will put “peacock” into a competitive position with other networks like CBS and FOX.

PointsBet, an Australian-based sports betting operator, signed a five year deal with NBCUniversal last week. It is being termed as “a landmark partnership” that will enable the US-based sports media to offer some incredible features to viewers.

Further Details About the Deal

It was not an overnight development as NBC and PointsBet had been in contact for a while. In fact, the media network had been in discussion with many other gaming operators leading up to this announcement. Before the official announcement, many other sportsbooks claimed to be the selected partner.

A partnership with NBC will mean tremendous exposure to some 184 million broadcast viewers in addition to 60 million active consumers on the network’s digital offerings.

One of the most notable aspects, an equally interesting one, is that NBC chose to go with a small player in the betting industry. The one that is neither too much renowned among the industry leaders, nor even US-based.

In reality, it looks as NBC realizes the fact that PointsBet is a relatively smaller player in the industry. More importantly, it seems that the Connecticut-based sports media giant is all set to lift its less potent partner into a formidable status.

Both entities have already touted things like marketing opportunities across all platforms, game-day integrations, premium media opportunities, etc.

Having said that, it is indeed not the first of its kind of deals. In fact, there has been a growing trend of forging alliances between the media networks and sportsbook operators as both entities see the value in such partnerships.

Other deals like this include one between FOX and Stars Group that procreated FOX Bet and the famous deal between William Hill and CBS.

What the PointsBet-NBC Deal Looks Like

The specifics of the deal will see PointsBet granting a 4.99 percent equity share to NBC. Eventually, the sports network could take over up to 25 percent of the betting operator after the five-year mark. However, it would be subject to shareholder approval.

According to some reports, PointsBet has also agreed to invest around $395 on marketing alone. The move will aim at generating engagement and draw revenue. That will also be the overall marketing budget to be spread over the period of a five-year deal.

After an affiliate-style compensation project, the massive agreement has been set up wherein the network will be rewarded for the traffic it passes on to PointsBet. It will also motivate them to market and advertise PointsBet.

In order to spread the message out there, NBC will appropriate steps aimed at including PointBet into its programming.

For now, the sports media is set to air over 2200 live sports events. In addition, the NBC Sports Predicator will now be showcasing PointsBet, while billing them as the official partner.

Undoubtedly, this will be an exciting alliance moving forward as it will transform our perception while watching sports on NBC.

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