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ACH e-check payments are one of the most reliable and widely accepted payment methods at licensed, legal online gambling sites located in the United States. People and banking systems in North America still rely heavily on checks and checking accounts for making and receiving payments. ACH e-checks work like physical checks, but the checking account and routing numbers are provided online instead of via paper checks. The ACH e-check network offers instant (or nearly instant) fund transfers that are easy and usually free.

Even in states like New Jersey where legal online gambling is relatively well-established, players can still run into problems with debit cards, credit cards, and other payment methods not working when they should. However, ACH e-check payments have a high success rate for making online gambling deposits. There can still be problems with ACH e-check payments, but the success rate is higher than with many other available payment methods at legal online casinos in the U.S.

ACH e-check transfers pros: 

  • No fees for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Accepted for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Very easy, fast, and convenient to use.
  • Instant (or nearly instant) online gambling deposits.
  • ACH e-check withdrawals may not be dependent on making deposits via ACH e-check.
  • High success rate for deposits at legal U.S. online gambling sites.
  • No credit checks necessary.
  • Safe, secure, and private transactions.
  • Accepted at most licensed online gambling sites in the U.S.
  • Entirely automated payment system.
  • Eco-friendly banking option.
  • Transactions are tracked on your bank statements.
  • Withdrawal processing times can be relatively fast.
  • Seamless integration of VIP Preferred ACH e-check services for players at offline and online casinos that accept VIP Preferred.

ACH e-check transfers cons:

  • Only available to players in the United States.
  • Only available to players that hold an account at a U.S. bank.
  • You must share your checking account number and routing number online at least once when you make your first ACH e-check transfer.
  • Deposit payments can get declined if you do not have sufficient funds in your checking account to cover the payment.
  • Gambling deposit and withdrawal transactions are listed on your bank statements.
  • Limits may be imposed by the ACH e-check provider and may vary depending on the provider.

What is ACH e-check?

“ACH” stands for Automated Clearing House, an electronic payment network in the U.S. that processes payments in batches instead of individual transactions. ACH e-checks transfer funds directly between two bank accounts with the ACH Network serving as the middleman to process the electronic transfer. The ACH network is over 40 years old, and in 2017, it processed 21.5 billion transactions totaling over $46.8 trillion.

ACH e-check refers to the method of transferring funds, and several different companies provide the payment processing services for ACH e-check transfers. Examples of ACH e-check companies that work with online betting sites include ACH Payment Solutions, ACH Payments, and VIP Preferred (Global Payments Gaming Services). Online betting sites may display the logo of one of these companies in the Banking and Cashier areas of the site, while some sites label the option as “ACH” or “ACH Bank Transfer.”

ACH e-check is an exceptionally online casino-friendly payment method. Most licensed gambling sites in the U.S. accept ACH e-check transfers. Plus, once you have registered with VIP Preferred, for example, you can automatically use ACH e-checks via VIP Preferred at any land-based casino or online betting site in the U.S. that accepts VIP Preferred.

Using ACH e-checks for online gambling deposits

Different online gambling sites use various ACH e-check payment processing providers, and the exact steps for making ACH e-check transfers may vary depending on the casino and ACH e-check company. The general steps are listed below for reference.

Steps for using ACH e-checks to make online gambling deposits:

  1. Log in to your online betting site.
  2. Go to the cashier area. Choose “Deposit” and then select the ACH or VIP Preferred ACH e-check option.
  3. Specific the amount you want to deposit.
  4. If it is your first time making an ACH e-check transfer on the betting site, you will need to input your checking account and routing number. (The routing number is on the bottom left of your paper checks, and the account number is the next set of numbers to the right of the routing number. If you do not have access to one of your paper checks, you can obtain the numbers through your online banking or from customer service at your bank.)**
  5. Click “Continue” or “Deposit” to finalize your deposit. You may need to accept the Terms and Conditions for the ACH e-check provider before proceeding.
  6. Your funds will be available instantly (or nearly instantly) in your online player account!

** If your online betting site uses VIP Preferred for ACH e-checks and you have already registered with VIP Preferred at any land-based casino or another online gambling site, you do not need to register again. When you select the VIP Preferred deposit option at the cashier, you will see the bank accounts you have already used for VIP Preferred transfers. You can choose the bank account you would like to use for the current transaction. No additional verifications are required.

Deposits made using ACH e-checks are available instantly or within minutes depending on which ACH e-check provider the online betting site is using to process the transfers. Withdrawal times vary depending on the online betting site, but average estimates range between two and five business days.

Detailed Review of ACH e-check acceptance at US online gambling sites

ACH e-check payments are accepted at most legal online gambling sites located in the U.S.

ACH e-check payments are accepted at most licensed gambling sites in the U.S. for both deposits and withdrawals. Every licensed online casino in New Jersey and Delaware accepts ACH deposits and withdrawals, and most states that operate legal iLottery sites accept ACH transfers.

ACH e-check transfers can be made to and from online player accounts from anywhere, but players need to be physically present in a state where online gambling is legal to be able to play on betting sites that are licensed in that state.


ACH e-check deposits and withdrawals can be an exceptionally convenient payment method for players that have access to legal online gambling sites in regulated U.S. states. Using ACH e-check transfers is a streamlined process with no need to input payment information repeatedly or log into third-party payment provider accounts. The high success rate for ACH e-check deposits at legal U.S. gambling sites adds to the convenience for U.S. players.


ACH e-check transfers are widely available to players in the United States at legal online gambling sites that operate in U.S. states where online gambling is regulated. Players must have a checking account at any U.S. bank to be eligible for using ACH e-checks at online gambling sites. Checking accounts are popular and widely available throughout the United States.


ACH e-check transfers are free at U.S.-based online betting sites. We did not see any fees advertised by any of the legal online casinos or iLottery sites we reviewed. Most banks also do not charge fees when bank account holders use ACH e-check transfers.


ACH e-check is a safe and secure payment method. Funds are electronically transferred directly between your bank account and the online casino’s bank account over the ACH Network – an established, trusted, and secure network. E-Checks can’t be lost or stolen like paper checks, and the online casino and ACH Network verify your ID and account information during the process for your protection.


ACH e-check deposits are a relatively fast payment method. ACH e-check deposits made through the VIP Preferred e-check network are instant. Online gambling deposits made through other ACH providers can be instant or take a few minutes.

For example, one major online casino site in New Jersey that accepts ACH e-checks through ACH Payments notes that deposits can take up to te10 minutes to process, and withdrawals can take up to six days. Another major online casino site in New Jersey that accepts ACH e-checks through VIP Preferred informs that deposits are instant, and the withdrawal processing time is two business days, with payments in two to five business days.

Customer service

If you have any questions or issues regarding using ACH e-check transfers, contact your online casino’s customer service team. Most betting sites offer 24/7 support.

If you want to find out about debits or charges to your bank account using ACH e-checks, contact your bank’s customer service team. Customer service availability and contact methods vary between banks.

The ACH e-check processing companies included in this payment method overview do not provide customer service to consumers. These companies process the transfers that have been initiated and are not responsible for debits to your account. VIP Preferred is an exception, however, as it provides 24/7 customer service support for their gambling payment services.


Verifications for ACH e-check transfers are minimal, but requirements vary depending on the betting site, the ACH payment processing company, and whether a transfer is a deposit or a withdrawal.

For example, to use VIP Preferred, you need to provide your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID number as well as your checking account and routing numbers. VIP Preferred does not require additional verification for withdrawals.

However, some online betting sites and other ACH e-check providers may require verifications for the first withdrawal request, including a copy of a voided check or recent bank statement. An online casino may publish these requirements on the cashier page when you are initiating a transfer. Alternatively, the casino may contact you if any verification is necessary after you submit the withdrawal request.

Providing prompt verification is in your best interest as it protects you against fraud and identity theft. It also helps to avoid payment delays.

Note: The name on your checking account must match the one registered to your online player account. The name and address on your bank account and player account should also match.

Online casino bonuses / casino-friendliness

ACH e-check payments are an exceptionally casino-friendly option for U.S. players. Even in the U.S. states where online gambling is legal, players can still encounter problems with payment methods not working at online casinos when they should be accepted successfully. However, ACH e-check payments boast a high success rate for deposits and are an accepted payment option at almost every legal online betting site in the U.S. Plus, Global Payments Gaming Service’s ACH e-check service, VIP Preferred, is meant for online and offline gambling transfers.

Our team did not find any current payment method bonuses for ACH e-check deposits. However, you can check your online betting site’s Banking and Promotions pages to see what bonuses the casino is offering. Deposits made with ACH e-checks can be used to fulfill the deposit requirements for welcome bonuses and other bonus offers Details about deposit and playing requirements that are necessary for cashing in on bonus offers are listed in the Terms and Conditions for the bonus offer.

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