PayNearMe Cash is a secure, convenient, and private way to transfer cash funds directly into online casino accounts without involving banks, payment cards, e-wallets, or casino cages. In U.S. states where online gambling is legal, PayNearMe enables players to make cash deposits into their accounts at thousands of different retail chain store locations, including 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar locations.

PayNearMe is a nationwide payment service in the United States that accepts a variety of payment methods for making bill and loan payments at retail locations. Their website boasts that PayNearMe serves thousands of businesses and processes billions of dollars in payments annually.

However, PayNearMe has limited its service offering for online gambling transactions specifically to comply with UIGEA regulations in the United States. PayNearMe Cash only accepts cash payments for gambling deposits in states where online gambling is legal. Because online betting sites provide unique barcodes for players to make cash payments for deposits, PayNearMe Cash inherently only works for registered players at online casinos that are licensed in regulated states. This direct transaction structure is legally compliant and also helps to ensure a very high success rate for eligible U.S. players making deposits using the PayNearMe Cash payment method.

PayNearMe Cash payments are extremely secure, as no personal or financial information is disclosed on any level. Cash funds are paid to the cashier at participating retail locations, and the payment is confirmed and routed to your associated online gambling account. The payment process is a closed system; withdrawals from online betting sites are not possible with PayNearMe Cash, so it is not possible for deposits to be lost or stolen using this payment method. Plus, a PayNearMe account is not required or used for these transactions, which removes another layer of digital exposure of your personal and financial details. PayNearMe Cash is also a good deposit option for players who do not have bank accounts or credit/debit cards they can use at their online betting site of choice.

An exceptionally casino-friendly payment method, PayNearMe Cash is currently accepted as a preferred deposit method at most legal online casinos in New Jersey, and select sports betting and online poker sites in Nevada.

PayNearMe Availability: The U.S. in regulated states (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware)

PayNearMe Cash pros:

  • Widely available to players in U.S. states where online gambling is legal (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware).
  • Supports cash payments for online casino deposits.
  • Numerous convenient cash payment locations available.
  • 24-hour cash payment acceptance at 7-Eleven stores and select CVS stores.
  • Retail locations for cash deposit payments more widely available than Cash At Casino Cage deposit locations.
  • Funds available for playing relatively quickly (10-30 minutes).
  • Extremely safe, secure, and private cash deposits.
  • Funds can’t be lost or stolen after making a deposit payment.
  • If payment vouchers are lost or stolen, they hold no value and cannot be used to access your casino account.
  • No gaming activity included on bank or credit card statements.
  • No sensitive personal or financial data shared with online casinos/websites.
  • Stand-alone cash transactions protect against identity theft and fraud.
  • Cash payments help to budget online gaming spending.
  • Very high success rate for deposits at online casinos in regulated states.
  • Low or no fees due at the point of purchase ($0 – $5.99).
  • No PayNearMe account needed for making PayNearMe cash payments.

PayNearMe Cash cons: 

    • Only available to U.S. players.
    • Only available in U.S. states where online gambling is legal (New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware), at regulated online casinos.
    • Cash payments only.
    • Cash payments can only be made in person, at participating retail store locations.
    • No instant deposit options available, unlike online payment methods.
    • Funds may be available in your account in 10-30 minutes, or less.
    • Withdrawals are not possible.
    • Fees due at the point of payment ($0 – $5.99 per deposit payment).
    • Deposit limits are lower than most other deposit methods ($500 daily).

Using PayNearMe Cash payments for online gambling deposits

Using the PayNearMe Cash options for making online gambling deposits is relatively straightforward. Just submit a deposit request through the cashier of an online betting site that accepts PayNearMe Cash. The betting site will provide you with a barcode to print out or scan on your mobile device. Take the barcode to a convenient retail store that accepts PayNearMe Cash payments (7-Eleven, CVS, Family Dollar) and make a cash payment of any amount between $10 and $500 a day. The funds will be added to your online betting account within minutes.

How to make an online gambling deposit with PayNearMe Cash: 

  1. Log in to your online betting site and go to the cashier.
  2. Choose the PayNearMe Cash option for making a deposit, and click “Deposit.” (This option usually shows the PayNearMe CASH logo and the logos for 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar stores.)
  3. You have the option of entering your zip code to find a location near you. (You can make a payment at any store that accepts PayNearMe Cash payments.)
  4. Choose the PRINT option if you want to print your barcode; the barcode and instructions will be emailed to you. Or choose the MOBILE option if you want the barcode sent to your mobile device. The instructions will be texted to you, and the store can scan the PayNearMe barcode on your phone.
  5. Go to a payment location and provide your barcode and cash payment to the cashier. Payments can be any amount between $10 and $500 daily.
  6. The cashier will give you a receipt, and the cash payment will be available in your account shortly!

Funds from PayNearMe Cash payments are usually available by the time you get home after making the deposit. The exact processing time varies. Some casinos in New Jersey, for example, do not estimate a time, while other online casinos provide time estimates ranging between 10 and 30 minutes.

Details about using PayNearMe Cash for online gambling deposits can be found on the Banking or FAQ pages at casinos that accept it. It is not possible to use PayNearMe Cash for withdrawals.

Detailed Review of PayNearMe Cash acceptance at US online gambling sites  & casinos

In U.S. states where online gambling is legal, various online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms accept PayNearMe Cash as a deposit method. PayNearMe Cash cannot be used for withdrawals at any online betting sites; it is a deposit-only payment method.

PayNearMe Cash is currently only available in the United States as it was developed specifically to enable U.S. players to make cash deposits into online betting accounts legally.

PayNearMe Cash services can be used by any player that is physically in a state where online gambling is legal (New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware), with a registered account at a regulated online betting site that accepts PayNearMe Cash. Currently, most regulated online casinos in New Jersey, and select online sports betting sites and online poker rooms in Nevada accept PayNearMe Cash.


PayNearMe Cash offers a mixed level of convenience, depending on the player, the player’s priorities, and the circumstances. Since cash payments must be made in person, cash deposits are inherently less convenient than online deposits because you need to make the transaction in person. In addition, online players who want to make cash deposits have limited options to choose from.

However, using PayNearMe Cash is a relatively convenient option for using cash to make online gambling deposits. Payment locations are conveniently located throughout the states, and 7-Eleven and select CVS locations accept payments 24 hours a day. Making a PayNearMe Cash deposit can be combined with other shopping and, for most players in participating states, PayNearMe store locations are more conveniently located than going to a casino to make Cash At Cage deposits.

For example, for one of our team members located in New Jersey, it takes over one hour to drive to Atlantic City to make Cash At Cage deposits, but there’s a PayNearMe Cash location only three blocks away. She can walk there in just a few minutes, make a deposit payment, pick up a cup of coffee at the café next door, and the funds are available in her online casino account by the time she gets home.


PayNearMe Cash services are available only in the United States, at participating regulated online betting sites in states where online gambling is legal (New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware).

Payment location availability 

PayNearMe Cash payment locations are available at participating 7-Eleven stores 24 hours a day, CVS (some 24 hour locations), and Family Dollar stores.

The PayNearMe website provides an interactive map for finding their payment locations across the country. PayNearMe boasts over 27,000 locations nationwide. However, only the payment locations in states where online betting is legal will accept payments for online gambling deposits. PayNearMe does not specify how many of those 27,000 locations are in states where online gambling is legal, but their interactive map shows a high density of locations in those states.

Some online casinos in New Jersey provide a list of possible payment locations when you request a PayNearMe Cash barcode from the site. Enter your zip code when prompted, and the casino will provide a list of locations near you.

Availability at online casinos

PayNearMe Cash is available as a deposit option at most regulated online betting sites in New Jersey, and select regulated online sportsbooks and poker sites in Nevada. Regulated online casinos sites in Delaware currently do not advertise PayNearMe Cash as an accepted deposit method.


The online betting sites we surveyed do not charge any fees for PayNearMe Cash deposits. However, there may be a small fee charged when you make your cash payment at a store to fund your deposit. The PayNearMe website does not disclose any specific details about how high the fees are. However, the site states that there are no hidden fees, and if fees are charged, they will be fully disclosed before you make a payment.  Several online casinos in New Jersey quote fees at the point of payment ranging from $0 (free) up to $5.99 per transaction.

Safety / security

PayNearMe Cash is an exceptionally safe, secure, and private payment method. There is no connection between a cash payment and any of your personal, banking, or credit information. There are no cards or vouchers that can be lost or stolen resulting in loss of funds or fraud. PayNearMe Cash allows you to make a cash deposit that is routed directly into your online casino account; it cannot be used for withdrawing funds from online gambling accounts, further protecting you from theft and fraud.

The PayNearMe Cash payment barcodes provided by betting sites have no intrinsic value and do not give access to your account. If you lose the printout of a barcode, you can request a new one.

The cash for your deposit is in your possession until you make a payment at a store, and when you make a payment, the cash is immediately linked to your gambling account. Of course, it’s important to follow general safety guidelines for carrying and handling cash.


Requesting a PayNearMe Cash payment barcode through an online betting site is a fast and easy process; barcodes are generated instantly upon request. Making cash payments at retail stores takes roughly the same amount of time as making a purchase at the store. You pay cash at the register and receive a receipt from the cashier.

Once you make a payment at a retail location, the funds will be in your account relatively quickly. It is not instantaneous like some online deposit methods, and time estimates vary depending on the casino. For example, one major online casino in New Jersey states that the funds will be in your account within 10 minutes, whereas another casino advises the funds will be available within 30 minutes.

Time estimates for deposits are usually published on the Banking/Deposits pages of casino sites, but some New Jersey casinos do not publish time estimates on their public site. The PayNearMe website does not provide any specific time estimates for the availability of deposit payments.

Customer service

PayNearMe provides a toll-free number on their website for customer service support: 888-714-0004. You can also email them at

PayNearMe does not provide hours of operation for their customer support team on the website, nor do they provide estimated response times for email inquiries. There is currently no chat function available on the website, but the site does offer a limited FAQ page.


Apart from the payment barcode provided by your online betting site, no additional verifications are required for using PayNearMe Cash to make deposits into your accounts. It is not possible to make withdrawals from online betting sites using PayNearMe Cash.

Online casino bonuses / casino-friendliness

PayNearMe Cash is a very casino-friendly payment method that is tailored specifically for making cash deposits to online casino accounts. Players in U.S. states where online gambling is legal still have challenges making successful deposits with some payment methods, including credit and debit cards. PayNearMe provides a more reliable option with an exceptionally high success rate.

We were not able to find any online betting sites that currently offer payment method bonuses for using PaynearMe Cash. However, if any sites add new bonus offers for PayNearMe Cash, the offers should be listed in the Banking or Bonus/Promotions areas of the sites.

All gameplay using funds from PayNearMe Cash deposits should count toward fulfilling the requirements for other bonus offers. Check the Terms and Conditions for any bonus offer you are interested in to check its requirements.

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