If the BetStars Sportsbook name rings a familiar bell, it is probably because you recognize the second half of the name from the international poker giant PokerStars. In fact, both are run by The Stars Group. The company is exceedingly popular in the gambling world due to its unique approach to online poker, and so their sportsbook was eagerly awaited with much anticipation. The BetStars Sportsbook entered the New Jersey online gambling scene in 2018.

Since then, The Stars Group has combined with FOX Sports to create a new partnership: FOX Bet. Although the rebranding of BetStars and collaboration with FOX Sports meant that the establishment of FOX Bet was rather late to the online gambling scene, both parent companies are respected in their fields. In fact, this is the first partnership between a sports betting company and a media company in the US. The partnership sportsbook was, therefore, exceedingly popular with fans of both original companies and has led to the growing success of FOX Bet.

The company is now rapidly expanding across the states, so keep tuned in for a review of this near-perfect online gambling duo. FOX Bet is currently available in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania and offers users sports betting including in-play options from a convenient mobile app.

FOX Bet Interface

There is a FOX Bet website, though the sportsbook is not accessible from here. To use the sportsbook platform a mobile app has to be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play for iOS or Android devices, respectively. The app, however, is immaculate and intuitive.

At the top of the app interface players will find the login and registration options along with different ball symbols representative of each sport to filter what events and leagues are shown to players. Below this lies useful information such as popular bets and promotions which are currently live. As players scroll down, they will see the current bets open for their selected sports and when the desired wager is found and clicked, it will be added to the players’ bet slip displayed in the top corner. Bets can be placed, or parlays can be created from the bet slip.

One other outstanding feature of the app is the in-play betting information which provides accurate and up-to-date live game stats and scores. For a mobile app, FOX Bet excels in this aspect far above other competitors where live betting is not as thoroughly documented.

FOX Bet Welcome Bonus

FOX Bet offers a double welcome bonus to new customers when they sign up for an online betting account. Firstly, players are given a $20 bonus upon account sign-up and activation. This bonus is applied automatically and is issued as site credit only. This means the $20 cannot be withdrawn but can be used as a wager to win real money payouts.

The second bonus on offer is a 100% deposit-match bonus for values up to $100. This means that whatever the value of the initial account deposit, FOX Bet will match this. For example, say upon creating a new account the first deposit was of $75, FOX Bet would match this and give you an additional $75 to wager with. Like the $20 no-deposit bonus, this is also only redeemable as site credit.

Both bonuses also have a wagering requirement of 1x, meaning the value of the bonus funds must be rolled over once on bets with minimum odds of -200. For example, using the same case as above, if the $20 no-deposit bonus and a deposit match bonus of $75 were claimed, site users must place wagers of $95 before being permitted to draw any winnings.

Other FOX Bet Promotions

A real perk of the FOX Bet site is that they offer users a great range of ongoing promotions all year round. These do change from time to time and dependent on the season, but frequently involve odds enhancements and boosts selected by FOX Sports presenters and hosts. These run daily and on weekends there are multiple promotions, for example:

  • Monday: Cris Carter selects a specific wager which will have enhanced odds based on the MNF game aired on FOX Sports 1.
  • Tuesday: Rachel Bonnetta selects a specific wager which will have odds boosted to double the usual payout.
  • Wednesday: Nick Wright selects a specific parlay bet which will have enhanced odds.
  • Thursday: Cousin Sal creates a custom bet that is covered by a $25 refund in account credit if the bet does not come through.
  • Friday: Lock It In hosts create a parlay bet which is given enhanced odds.
  • Saturday: (1) Colin Cowherd selects three underdog college football teams predicted to win. If correctly guessed the FOX Bet boosts payouts. (2) Clay Travis bets a pint of his blood on a bet of his choice of which then has increased odds for players.
  • Sunday: (1) Colin Cowherd selects five underdog NFL teams predicted to win, and if three-plus teams come through then the bet counts as a win and players receive a double payout. (2) Charissa Thompson creates a custom bet which is given enhanced odds.

Sports Market Coverage 

FOX Bet sportsbook covers a range of popular sports including baseball, basketball, boxing, tennis, cycling, football, golf, hockey, and soccer.  The sportsbook also covers more niche sporting markets such as darts, rugby, motorsports, and cricket.

Alongside its extensive range of sports for players to select from, the site also has several different betting markets. Along with the usual money-line bets predicting a games’ overall outcome, they also offer parlay bets, round robins where bets are placed on numerous versions of a parlay, and futures which are bets for sporting events far in advance. Total game points, known as over/under bets, teasers, and in-play betting are also available.

To make betting more exciting for players, there are also weekly customer bets as discussed above made by FOX Sports hosts, however, fans can also request custom bets through Twitter to offer an even more inclusive and enjoyable betting experience.

FOX Bet In-Play Betting

FOX Bet offers players the ability to place in-play bets for events as they progress in real-time. The sites main in-play betting focuses on popular American leagues but does also dip into domestic soccer leagues from elsewhere in the world. In-play wagers range from the usual final outcome wagers to short-term wagers including the next team or next player to score in the match. Some competitor online sportsbooks also offer extra-short-term wagers whereby players can gamble on outcomes often resolved in less than a minute. Unfortunately, FOX Bet does not yet have this as a feature on their site.

The in-play betting offered by FOX Bet does, however, protect players wagers which is incredibly useful in rapidly moving games. As games often have a dynamic flow with odds changing from one minute to the next, players could experience odds changing between the time of selecting and the time of placing their bet. If the odds decrease, then FOX Bet will notify users prior to their wager being placed, allowing users to confirm they are happy to continue with the new lower odds. If the odds increase, the wager will still be placed as usual but at the higher odds price. If players would rather not take advantage of this feature or would rather be notified on any odds movement regardless of direction, then this can be configured in account settings.

The live game information given to site users is second-to-none. They provide in-depth information on each in-play game from live score updates, to live game stats and player information. Due to the partnership with FOX Sports, it is likely that in the future FOX Bet may offer players live streaming of certain events through the app. This would be an excellent addition and allows players to watch games live with commentary as wagers are placed on-the-go.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

FOX Bet offers all of the standard deposit and withdrawal methods, making it simple for users to add money into their accounts and withdraw any winnings that they receive. A comprehensive list of the methods are as follows:

  • Credit or Debit Card: Both Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted for deposits and withdrawals.
  • PayPal: This also can be used for deposits and withdrawals alike and is a popular option for players as it means gambling funds can be kept separate from everyday bankrolls.
  • Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet comparable to PayPal and can again be used for depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • Online Banking: Online banking authorizes payments directly from your bank and so card details do not need to be registered with FOX Bet, so is another popular way for making account deposits.
  • e-Check: This method instantaneously credits players’ FOX Bet accounts to allow wagers to be placed straight away, but funds do not come out of your bank account immediately.
  • Cash: By using PayNearMe points located at your nearest 7-Eleven, or by paying at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, cash deposits can be made.
  • Prepaid Card: FOX Bet Play+ prepaid card can be used for both deposits and withdrawals.

FOX Bet Overall Opinion

Overall, FOX Bet is a great sportsbook and its collaboration of online gambling superstar with media giant means this app has everything from a clean interface, generous promotions, and interesting wagers, to excellent coverage and in-play information. Although odds may be improved on some competitor sites, the app is very innovative. The addition of FOX Sports personalities creating custom bets and boosted odds also adds a more personal touch, and the ability for players to create their own custom bets again gives a more inclusive and exciting aspect to sports betting.

One downfall of the sportsbook is that is it only available as an app and not via a website. This may reduce their market slightly, however, the majority of people today do have smartphones, and with the app being so easily navigated and pristine in terms of both information layout and loading it is unlikely to deter many players. As FOX Sports and The Star Group continue to work together it is expected that FOX Bet will only continue to improve and become infamous as an online sports platform throughout the states.

Fox Bet Logo

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