Monkey Knife Fight offers a unique online betting experience that is light-hearted and enjoyable for users looking for a less serious gambling outlet. The platform is difficult to pin into one specific section and instead functions as a hybrid site. It hosts digital fantasy contests, but rather than playing against other site users, competitions are played against the house. Put simply, players must make certain predictions to guess the outcomes of contests, which are based on the performance of athletes in the real world. This makes it a great alternative for online sports betting in states where online sports gambling is yet to be legalized. Think this all sounds a bit confusing? Continue reading this article for a review of the site and the types of competitions that they offer.

Monkey Knife Fight Contests and Markets

As briefly mentioned, the aim of each Monkey Knife Fight contest is to accurately predict results that are based on the performance of real-world athletes. In order to bypass certain legal requirements, Monkey Knife Fight combines at least two predictions to a single contest. There are several different contest types that the site offers:

  • Over/Under Contests: These are by far the most common contest that the site offers. The website sets stat totals for athletes, and players must predict which athletes will achieve the stats. For example: will Clayton Richard have more or less than 3.5 pitching strikeout? If a certain number of predictions come through, a payout is won. The size of the payout is determined by the number of predictions players have to make and how difficult the contest is.
  • Rapid Fire Contests: As probably guessed, these contests are designed to be quick. Each player is allocated two athletes and predictions must be made on which of the pair will perform best.
  • Stat Shootouts: In these contests, players will be given a game stat, for example touchdown passes, and a total for that stat. Players must select three athletes which they predict will combine to reach the total stat or more. The higher the total stat, the bigger the payout.

The markets covered by Monkey Knife Fight involve most major leagues and they are expected to expand their sports coverage in the year ahead. Currently, the site hosts games for the following sports:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NHL
  • NBA
  • Soccer
  • Golf

Monkey Knife Fight New Player Bonus

Although completely unique in gameplay and betting, as with most online sportsbooks Monkey Knife Fight greets new players with a welcome bonus. They offer new site users a 100% deposit match bonus of values up to $50 given as site credit. Although the funds cannot be withdrawn users can use them toward entry for real money events.

To claim this offer, players must use the code BALLERS and deposit a minimum of $10 into their account. Any bonus funds that have not been used within three months of receiving them will be automatically void, but three months is plenty of time for users to spend their credits. Since the bonus is also not cashable, players must place bets equivalent to the amount of their bonus or pay the bonus funds back at the time of withdrawal. For example, say an initial deposit of $20 was made, Monkey Knife Fight would give the player $20 bonus credits. If a bet placed then gives a payout of $100, the player could only withdraw $80 and $20 would be given back to the house if the bonus had not been zeroed.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Monkey Knife Fight does lack in deposit and withdrawal options available for users, which is probably the site’s largest downfall. Deposits can only be made by credit or debit card payments and funds can only be withdrawn using the same method as the user’s deposit. It is also possible to request a withdrawal via check or e-check if preferred.

Monkey Knife Fight Accessibility and Interface

Although Monkey Knife Fight does not currently have a mobile app, the website – – is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. In fact, the mobile version of the website works as smoothly as most online sportsbook apps, and so despite the lack of mobile app players can still easily access their account from anywhere and place bets on-the-go.

The one main issue with the website is the limited explanations for the different types of competition. Although players can find tips on the site, users are mostly left to figure out the different contest types and bets by their own accord; they throw users into the deep end. As a spin-off from usual sports betting, it would be useful to offer players more help when starting out. Fortunately, the contests are generally easy to understand, it just takes a while to get used to the different events and learn how to navigate the site.

Overall Opinion on Monkey Knife Fight

Though an entertaining, light-hearted, and original idea for online gambling, Monkey Knife Fight does lack in some areas. The main issues with the site are:

  • Low Payouts: For users hoping to win big, this is not the site for you. Correctly predicting specific outcomes can be challenging and the payouts do not reflect the risk entirely accurately. For example, users could make a parlay bet with a similar gamble on another sportsbook site and receive a much higher payout.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Methods: For players who do not have a Visa or Mastercard there are limited deposit and withdrawal options. The addition of PayPal, bank transfer, or cash deposits would be beneficial for the site and widen the audience.
  • Lack of Information on Contests: For new players especially this is the biggest site downfall. Once getting an idea of the different tournaments and site layout, however, betting is straightforward.

Despite these disadvantages, Monkey Knife Fight is a great option for people residing in states where online sports betting is illegal. It also offers a unique spin on sports betting by providing a hybrid form of sports gambling which is relatively laidback and easy-going.


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