An Honest Review of Vegas-Style Online Casino and Sportsbook, MyBookie

In this MyBookie Review, we’ll cover MyBookie’s operational history, offers for first-time customers, deposit and withdrawal methods, pros and cons, and more.

MyBookie is an online sportsbook that’s ideal for those looking for a crisp, modern online casino website.

MyBookie Overview

MyBookie Hompage showing mobile casino app

MyBookie betting only requires a minimum deposit of $25 (USD), with the option of a credit card, debit card, or bank wire, to start using their gambling services. Sports bettors allow for an online betting experience with betting options that cover all major sports and MyBookie is no exception.

You will find live betting as one of their many betting options, which only a few online sportsbooks offer, and a bonus offer of 25% on the first deposit. The usability of the MyBookie’s casino games and sports betting is first-rate and also offers more gambling benefits.

These gambling benefits come as deposit benefits that don’t really set it apart from other sportsbook websites, and are designed to only reward the players who continually add funds to place online bets with them.

MyBookie offers bonuses, such as a reload bonus, and tops off its offers with a “pick’em” bonus every Friday and a horse racing betting rebate.

Even though the website and online sportsbook have a great design to its website, an impressive range of betting options, a good presence of customer support, and customer service representatives who can be reached through many different channels, MyBookie casino does only get an average overall score in this MyBookie review and is not among the best online casinos for real money.

The online betting website has a negative history of reports from users who found issues with their accounts after large withdrawals. Additionally, MyBookie is under no direct regulation from U.S. agencies and has no responsibilities, or oversight, that it continues to offer fair play with consistent casino or sports betting gameplay. The company is classified as an offshore gambling website.

History of MyBookie

MyBookie is located and headquartered in Costa Rica with its license registered in Curacao, a Dutch Caribbean island situated in between North America, South America, and Europe. Since the gambling license for MyBookie is offshore to the United States, there is no regulatory agency responsible in the United States to ensure that the play or, “action”, is fair, reliable, and continual.

MyBookie in the News Media

In just April of 2022, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released a letter to the public that it wrote to the Department of Justice and Attorney General. The letter simply asked that the operators of MyBookie be indicted under criminal charges. This recent push to crackdown on offshore gambling websites that do not hold a gambling license in the U.S. tremendously increases the risk for new and current users to continue to place their gambling bets with MyBookie and other offshore websites.

Assumption of Risk with Online Gambling at Mybookie

Whether it is mobile betting, live sports betting, or any betting option with MyBookie, the risk of doing business with the online website is definitely high – as it is with any type of in-person or online gambling activity.

In instances where player accounts were deactivated, it is possible that the users conducted themselves in a manner that violated MyBookie’s terms of use. The company does not allow players who are professionals, those working in teams, and holds other stipulations.

MyBookie reports having banned player accounts in the past with the justification that they do not allow professionals, sharp side movers, players within a syndicate, or propositional players. In layman’s terms, MyBookie will ban and clean out players who win a lot of money through actions that appeared to violate their rules against professional play.

Further, in the MyBookie review, we will continue to cover the customer support options offered by MyBookie, however, since the website is not covered by any U.S. governing agency, there is the possibility to lose every single penny – and users have reported that their accounts with thousands of dollars still within it, were deactivated without cause or reason.

As previously mentioned, the American Gaming Association recently called for the criminal indictment of the operators of MyBookie earlier this year in April.

With no history of prosecution, one can only say that it potentially could happen. Some states have local laws on the books which allow for prosecution of state residents who gamble with offshore websites.

Bonuses Offered by MyBookie

MyBookie Bonus Offer

The standard bonus of online offshore sites is to offer some free play credits on the first deposit with new customers. MyBookie is not unlike the rest of the online sports betting sites that offer online gambling and live betting.

With MyBookie, there is a first deposit bonus of 50% or up to $1,000 (USD). Yet, this bonus is subject to a 10x rollover requirement. There is also another bonus offered by MyBookie, a $20 (USD) “risk-free” bet, which will be reimbursed in a “hit-and-miss” scenario.

As one of the best crypto casinos, the website also offers a larger bonus if users choose to deposit with cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Users can also find a bonus code or promo code if they find a referral promo code from an affiliate marketer or current website member.

MyBookie also has a refer-a-friend bonus with a bonus offer of 10% on their referral’s first opening deposit. Lastly, the website offers a reload bonus to consumers who continue to deposit funds into their online wallets. This deposit bonus is fixed at 25% of the reload deposit or up to $500 (USD).

Even though MyBookie offers this range of bonuses, they only fall a bit short when compared to the offers given by competitor online sportsbooks.

Loyalty Program Rewards

The loyalty program that MyBookie offers is not the standard, cut-and-dry loyalty program for almost all US online casinos. In this case, “not the standard”, means that it, unfortunately, lacks a traditional customer loyalty program overall.

This is a minor shortcoming, to say the least, and provides little disincentive to join MyBookie as the online sportsbook makes up for it with other rewards

As stated previously, the online sportsbook has other bonuses for return customers in the form of a 25%, or up to $500 (USD), reload bonus, a special “pick’em” bonus at the end of every week on Friday, and a horse race betting rebate.

Customer Service

Customer support through MyBookie can come in many different forms. The way for customers to reach a resolution with any issue from their online sports betting, live betting, or casino games is to reach customer support through e-mail, telephone, and instant message live chat with a customer support representative on their website.

All similar online betting sites typically have these avenues or routes for customers to reach them, but MyBookie has gone above the standard with a social media option. Most companies have live chat for their customers, so it is not special to have, but MyBookie does have a leg up on the competition with a social media customer service presence. Agents with MyBookie are on social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, yet, of course, these agents are not available for 24/7 live chat on these platforms.

Deposit Payment Methods & Payout Options

Ways to deposit funds with MyBookie include several traditional deposit methods, but fail to offer an accepted e-wallet service. One will find typical digital payment methods with MyBookie through ACH, bank transfers, debit cards, and Person to Person transfers. The online betting website also only slightly falls short of competitors with its range of accepted deposit methods.

Deposits are limited to a minimum deposit of $25 (USD) and a maximum deposit of $10,000 (USD), which should suit most players. Most deposits are also free. However, unlike the best credit card casinos, you will need to pay a small fee if funding your account with credit cards. This is normal at Mastercard, Amex, and Visa card casinos, but can cut into your gambling budget overtime.  

Withdrawing funds from MyBookie is relatively normal, especially for a consumer who has utilized the services of other online sportsbooks.

In order to withdraw from an account with MyBookie, the site requires a fee that is dependent on the withdrawal amount. The fee can range between $10 (USD) and $50 (USD). The only option that is without a fee, is a digital currency method, like bitcoin cash. MyBookie also offers a MoneyGram option, with a fee of $37 and a maximum withdrawal cap of $375.

Other competitors in online sports betting markets tend to offer a better variety of withdrawal options with differences in minimum deposit, payout methods, and fees. However, MyBookie is one of the fastest payout casinos, processing cryptocurrency transactions within as little as one hour.

Pros & Cons

At this point in the review, it might be believed that the status of MyBookie’s Pros & Cons tips towards a downside majority. However, the end case result is actually a balanced give-and-take.

It nearly goes without saying, after this far into the review, that MyBookie slightly falls short of competitor offers in different areas of operation. But, let’s weigh out the downsides and benefits of MyBookie and place them all together in one spot to easily, and visually summarize the contents of the review.


· American Gaming Association wants to criminally indict MyBookie operators

· Policy against “professional” users justifies leads to accidental deactivations

· High withdrawal fees that range from $10 (USD) to $50 (USD)

· Competitive odds fall short when compared to competitor offered betting markets

· Bonuses that do not beat other competitors

· No fees only offered on digital currency withdrawals

· Non-existent loyalty program requires ineffective bonus offers


· Great user interface with a crisp modern design

· Consistent bonus promotions with reload bonuses

· A supported live betting feature offered for existing customers to choose with live odds

· Wide range of options from sports to bet on and casino games

· Customer service representative agents available on social media sites

· Betting lines on all sports, such as college football, NBA finals, and betting lines for the entire NFL season

Should You Trust MyBookie?

Yes, MyBookie is one of the safest online casinos. However, it isn’t perfect. An outlier of instances that occurred with customers, as recently as six months ago, is a deactivation of an account with $15,000 (USD) within it. The user, whose review is publically posted, had his betting account deactivated after he turned $600 (USD) into $20,000 (USD).

However, as we previously stated in this MyBookie review, the website has a policy against professionals and uses this clause to terminate suspected fraudulent accounts and withhold funds that were deemed to have been potentially earned illegitimately. As long as you are playing within their terms of service, you can trust MyBookie.

MyBookie’s Online Reputation

The way that the website has several reviews left by customers who suddenly lost access to their account shouldn’t give too much cause to believe that one should completely avoid MyBookie. Any speculation or reports that an online bookie has randomly deactivated or suspended an account can’t be verified as 100% accurate.

Again, users who won massive amounts of money were called professionals or considered in violation of other previously made agreements.

User Reviews

As recently as six months ago a former MyBookie user reported that their account, with thousands of dollars within it, was deactivated without cause or reason.

This user reported they went on a heater with his initial deposit of $600 (USD). This initial deposit became $20,000 (USD) after an incredible hot streak of luck. The user went ahead and placed a withdrawal of $5,000 (USD), when the user went to place a second $5,000 (USD) withdrawal, their account was deactivated and reported to be under investigation by MyBookie. The user did their due diligence research on MyBookie after this occurred and was shocked that they had no idea of the bookie’s lack of credibility. This instance is easily a rare occurrence with MyBookie and shouldn’t lead users to grab their pitchforks and mob against the website’s operators. It is potential that the user was on the line of activity that is not allowed by MyBookie and simply was caught by the site’s moderators.

Social Media Influencers & MyBookie

MyBookie operates in a way where they contract with individuals on social media platforms with a large enough following to be considered as “social media influencers”. After they reach a deal with the social media influencer, the influencer will post on their social media accounts whatever they are required to post under the terms of the deal they agreed to with MyBookie. These social media posts will boast about MyBookie’s positives and potentially mislead viewers about the influencer’s personal experience with the website. Followers of influencers, who trusted the word of the influencer, have joined MyBookie based on sponsor-funded recommendations.

It is not hard to find reviews that are negative with MyBookie and reviews are absolutely important when it comes to the determination of which online betting website deserves to earn your business. This social media campaign tactic is an example of why nobody should take positive reviews at face value, even from a trusted source, and why further research should still be performed.

Negative Reviews for Sportsbook Reputations

Negative reviews reveal a lot about an online sportsbook and casino website and, are definitely, true for any company or corporation. An important distinction to make when reading negative reviews is the frequency and severity of the claim. If a website has a claim of issues logging in and it is reported by users only a handful of times, then it’s not the biggest leak in the ship’s hull that would cause it to sink and be a disaster for users.

When the claims in negative reviews are incredibly severe and outline predatory, essentially fraudulent practices, then it’s time to quickly abandon the ship of ideas that MyBookie is a good place to potentially give online betting business.

MyBookie Review Recommendation

In conclusion, one should absolutely consider placing bets with MyBookie.

One should consider online sports bets with MyBookie or consider any casino games on their website. The website’s reputation is saturated with promotional posts from social media influencers who only report the positive side of MyBookie, while negative reviews are not hard to find, they do not entirely eliminate the website from use.

These unfortunate viewers or followers of influencers who see these sponsored posts would be led to believe that the website is one of the most trusted online casinos and only holds a completely positive reputation. However, the exact nature of MyBookie’s reputation with online users is not entirely sunshine and roses.

MyBookie’s General Online Reputation Holds Merit

MyBookie has a history of online, searchable posts made by users who had their accounts suddenly deactivated after they won. The website claims that users who a lot of money violated their “no professionals” policy. These accounts are then terminated as they were deemed not allowed to use the services that they offer with their online sportsbook and casino.

New customers who are lucky to win, might simply be accidentally labeled as a professional who violated their terms of service and get their accounts deactivated or suspended.

Final Conclusion of MyBookie

In the end, one can easily side with going towards using MyBookie as the chances are very, very low that the experience will lead to an account deactivation if a large sum of money is won. It’s highly unlikely that one will be like other users who had their accounts deactivated or suspended under the clause that they violated the “no professionals” policy within the fine print. Without evidence to support claims that the users were completely following the website’s policies, one doesn’t know if they didn’t violate the rules.

However, be sure to research other options in the online sports betting and casino world thoroughly. The best real money casino apps may have more generous bonuses, an actual loyalty program, and improved options when it comes time to withdrawing winnings. MyBookie sadly does not have a loyalty program or run enough bonuses to justify a consistent track history of return business with them.

With that being said, one won’t be able to find an offshore gaming website with completely guaranteed regulatory actions that oversee gaming practices, with perfect deposit & withdrawal methods, exactly desired bonuses, and zero negative online casino reviews.

It is impossible for a large entity to operate in an immaculate fashion 24/7, and one should gauge the risk accordingly based on bad reviews of MyBookie. Of course, not all online gambling resources will have perfect reviews and all will likely have some negative instances publicly addressed by users.

Mybookie FAQ

How old do I have to be to play at MyBookie?

The minimum gambling age at MyBookie is 18. This makes MyBookie one of the few online sportsbooks and casinos that allow 18-year-old players.

Is the Online Sportsbook MyBookie Legal?

As MyBookie is an offshore gambling online website for sports betting and online casino games, it is in a legal gray area of operation when it comes to the absolute definition of the gambling laws in the United States.

Additionally, as MyBookie resides offshore, the sports gambling website has zero licensing from the United States and follows zero requirements to abide by legal gambling gaming practices defined gambling laws within the United States.

Can I get arrested for gambling on MyBookie?

Prosecution of players specifically has not happened for MyBookie users or users of other online sportsbook websites. But, operators of these sites are often targeted for prosecution with MyBookie being no exception.

Do I have to pay taxes on Mybookie winnings?

Mybookie does not report winnings to the IRS. However, any money earned from gambling with MyBookie is still subject to taxes, as would any income earned. Earned income from gambling will be taxed at respective state residences and federal rates.

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