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When it comes to US online gambling sites and apps you have two options – state-licensed and regulated gambling sites and offshore gambling sites that accept US players illegally. The safest gambling sites for US players are the ones licensed at the state level and aligned with land-based operators. Most offshore US gambling sites have some sort of history of poor customer service, slow payouts, closing accounts, and unfair rules which they often cite when confiscating a player’s winnings.

For those reasons, we only endorse legal US gambling sites.

But we still feel that it’s important to review all US online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites (offshore and legal) so you can make an informed decision about the best site to gamble online for you.

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What Makes a US Online Gambling Site “The Best”?

Our team has been in the iGaming industry for over a decade. Each of our writers and researchers spends hours testing casinos, on gambling forums, and other review sites to determine if we should consider a particular online casino is trustworthy or not. Here are the main factors we use to decide if an online casino is reputable.

  • Solid reputation – The most important aspect of finding safe online casinos in the USA is reputation. All casinos and sportsbooks get complaints. What we’re concerned about is the severity of the complaints and if it looks like that, overall, the casino has a positive reputation. Rogue casinos will often have a plethora of complaints that have to do with bad customer service and slow payouts. Those are the casinos we want to help you avoid.
  • Operates under a legitimate licensing jurisdiction – Some licensing authorities are more respected than others because they thoroughly vet casino operators. Online casinos operating under strict jurisdictions such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), and Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) are almost guaranteed to be legit. On the other hand, with less strict jurisdictions such as Costa Rica, Antigua & Barbuda, Philippines, and Curacao, you have to do more research before deciding on the trustworthiness of an online casino.
  • Good customer support — Casino support should be knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Any legit casino should have multiple methods for a player to contact support.
  • Reliable deposit and withdrawal options — Legit online casinos offer a good selection of low-cost banking methods. And since some countries impose banking laws that ban gambling transactions, it’s important for casinos servings those countries to offer several reliable options for players to deposit and withdraw money.
  • Fast payouts —We believe it should be just as easy to withdraw your winnings as it is to deposit money into your casino account. Reputable online casinos make sure players get paid in a timely manner. Unscrupulous casino operators will manipulate the amount a player can withdraw and the frequency that they can request withdrawals. They do that in hopes that players will get tired of waiting and gamble away the money.
  • Fair casino games — One of the biggest concerns that online casino players have is that the casino games are rigged, over and above the normal house edge. That’s where 3rd party game auditors such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, and Gaming Labs International, come in. These companies test the RTP (return-to-player) for each casino game to ensure they are fair. If a casino doesn’t have a verified auditing company you should proceed with caution.
  • Reputable software providers – Most online casinos use third-party game providers to build their library of casino games. Just like casinos, game developers have reputations. Some allow any casino to sign up and use their games as long as they pay the licensing fee, which commonly leads to them being associated with rogue casinos (see TopGame for example). Other game providers have strict guidelines for casino operators, a nice selection of games, and publish their RTP (return-to-player) ranges for their games. So a casino that uses one or more of the top casino game providers is more trustworthy than a casino that uses one of the “anything goes” providers.
  • Secure website — Security is a huge concern when you’re submitting your financial information to any website, but even more so when you’re doing large deposits and withdrawals at an online casino, which may be overseas somewhere. At a minimum an online casino should be using 128 bit, SSL data encryption technology to ensure the safety of your transactions.

Online Gambling in the United States: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these US online casinos and/or poker sites offering fair play?

This is perhaps the most important question anyone who wants to dabble in online gambling may have in mind.  Over the years, there have been some sites that have been exposed as offering rigged outcomes, and this is the very reason why you need to take caution when playing in unregulated offshore online gaming sites and stick only with legal and US-based gambling sites as much as possible.

2. Is there a way to tell if a gambling site is legal or not?

One way to ascertain the legality of a site is to look for the logo of the licensing authority that issued the site its license to start its gambling operations.  If it is licensed in any US state, then you will find it listed on the state gaming agency’s website.

3. Can a player still gain or earn comps while playing online?

The short answer is yes. However, you might find that player rewards from an online setting are a lot higher than what is being offered at most land-based casinos.

4. What types of games can players gamble on online?

Online gaming sites offer a slew of game categories like slots, poker, and bingo games, much like any other traditional casino. In fact, most online casinos offer way better options when it comes to their game offerings.

5. Are there mobile gambling sites that are available to US residents?

Yes, as long as you are within the state boundaries of any of the states that have legalized gambling. In that case, you would not have any problems accessing those websites for mobile gambling on your phone. Just be aware though that most online gambling sites have geolocation tracking software to determine whether you’re trying to access their sites via an IP that’s outside the state. If you are, then you won’t be able to view and enjoy their games.

6. Is there a need to declare one’s winnings from gambling?

Yes, all winnings from an online casino should be declared just like what you’ll do with your winnings from a land-based casino. For taxation purposes, you’ll have, of course, access to your gaming history and win-loss ratios granted that you’ve played at a licensed US-based gambling site.

7. Is there a way to determine if online gambling sites conduct their games in a fair manner?

If you will be playing at US State licensed online sites, it is guaranteed that the games are random and checked thoroughly to ensure fairness.

8. My card keeps getting declined when I use it to deposit payments to gambling sites. Why is that happening?

A lot of US banking institutions have since put a block on card transactions that are made to fund gambling accounts online. While most of the banks have now lifted those restrictions following the legalization of gambling in many US States, you are still better off contacting your bank representative should you encounter a block on your account to see if it can be lifted.

9. Can I use US Dollars as currency when I gamble online?

When playing with state-licensed gambling sites, you will always be asked to deposit payments in US dollars. However, should you decide to play at an offshore gambling site, you may be presented with an option to deposit or play with a different currency, in which case you may be subject to a range of currency exchange fees and other charges.

10. How old should one be before being able to participate in online gambling?

One should be over 21 years of age before being permitted to gamble online. The gambling laws in US states are pretty rigid when it comes to the ages of its players. While casino gambling is only allowable to people over 21 years old, there are some states, New Jersey for example, that allow 18-year-olds to legally buy lottery tickets but not gamble at actual casinos.

11. Are there online poker sites offshore that allow entry to US-based players?

Certainly, but you need to exercise a lot of caution when doing so. Do a lot of research to find reputable sites that are licensed by the fair gaming commissions from their country of origin.

12. Will I face any legal consequences if I am caught gambling online in the US?

With each state having a set of laws that cover gambling, this is the kind of question that has no real or concrete answers. The shortest reply is that most states do not have specific penalties that can address the act of playing poker online. Most laws are created to penalize the operators of the games and not the players themselves. Furthermore, the gambling laws in the US were created prior to the invention of the Internet, which means that the laws regarding online activities are not completely settled just yet.

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