One of the major concerns expressed in a Senate hearing will discuss this week whether or not to keep the integrity of college sports alive.

In fact, there will be two critical topics discussed in the hearing set to take place this week. One will be concerning the possible impact that legalized betting can have on college sports. The other will be relating the name, image, and likeness rights for the student-athletes.

For keeping the two issues distinct, Senate will hear it in two separate sessions so that both issues can be given due attention.

A Burning Issue Around the Whole Country

It has been a hot topic throughout the US, how legalized sports betting since 2018 has affected the integrity of college sports. Since the striking down of PASPA in 2018, sports betting became legal with states that were empowered to legislate gambling within their state boundaries. More and more states have indicated to legalizes sports betting since then.

However, many universities across the US are against legalized sports betting mainly, where college sports are concerned. Yet, some experts believe it is logical to go ahead and legalize sports betting on college sports while observing stricter regulations.

It is hoped that the crucial hearing may result in some kind of universal regulation on college sports betting instead of a state-by-state law.

The current setup empowers every state to make their own decision on whether or not to legalize college sports betting. Simply, every state can make its own laws and regulation on the issue.

However, a country-wide approach could remove confusion and inconsistency between states. According to the existing trend, the states ban betting on in-state collegiate athletic events and programs. However, out of state collegiate athletics maybe bet on.

What’s at Stake in the Senate Hearing

On one side, many people would like to see a national approach to the college sports betting regulations as it opens up to a Senate hearing. However, there is a fear too that the Senate may decide to prohibit college sports betting completely.

There are lots of athletic programs and universities seeking a ban, so there is no shortage of support for this measure. The leading argument against it is that sports betting could harm the athlete and the integrity of the sport.

On the other side, there are schools and athletic programs that prefer to educate on the risks of gambling habits rather than calling for an outright ban. The debate between the two camps has often led to heated conversations lately.

The supporters of the ban see perfect reasoning behind their proposed measures. They believe it can be damaging to individual athletes, and not the best path to tread.

The Debate May Not End at the Senate

Ultimately, despite all the eventfulness of the issue at the Senate, the debate may not end at this exalted forum. There are fair chances that legalized collegiate sports betting will find its way to the Supreme Court to receive its eventual fate.

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