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What Are Dragon Link Slots?

Just like Lightning Link slots, Dragon Link slots involve a series of games that hide many surprises. Developed by Aristocrat, Dragon Link is deeply rooted in Asian culture. So far, the studio has released 10 slots in this series, and all of them have an Asian theme and gameplay features.

Similar to their Lightning Link brethren, these slots share a progressive jackpot between them. All Dragon Link slot machines operate similarly, sharing a massive progressive jackpot that can be hit by the luckiest of players. And that’s not all. Aside from the distinct visuals every Dragon Link title offers, the slot machines also have three decent fixed jackpots that can be hit during the Hold and Spin feature.

Available only at land-based venues, you can’t play Dragon Link online. This means no demos of Dragon Link slots online exist, which might disappoint some players. On the other hand, you can still find Dragon Link slot machines at many land-based casinos, as Aristocrat’s network is spread around the world.

Dragon Link includes a series of games that will surely impress those fans who adore an Asian theme. Some, like Dragon Link Peace & Long Life, have a Dragon Link free spins round with doubled wins. Others may feature Scatter pays. Each slot has the infamous Hold and Spin feature with scalable bonus prizes and the progressive jackpot on top of it.

If you want to take a deep dive into the richest depths of oriental culture, Dragon Link pokies are your best bet.

What is the Dragon Link jackpot?

The Hold and Spin feature in the Dragon Link pokies is the key to landing the three jackpots all of the games offer. These are fixed jackpots that can be won much easier than the progressive Grand Dragon Link jackpots. The feature is triggered by six coins on the screen, which give you three respins, and specific symbols on the reels that might lead to Mini and Minor bonuses or the top reward in the local Major jackpot.

Filling the Dragon Link slot screen with jackpot symbols awards the progressive Grand jackpot. There’s no information about it, and we can’t tell you the specific value of the Grand jackpot because it grows all the time. As with all progressive jackpots, it is fueled by a small part of every bet made on each Dragon Link slot.

As such, the Grand jackpot can grow pretty large and be won by any player. There are no specific requirements to win this jackpot. It’s a linked prize that can be won on any prize, although in general, bigger bets might have a better chance. That doesn’t mean you should necessarily increase your bets, so play responsibly.

What games are available in the Lightning Link slots series?

As noted, 10 Dragon Link slots have been released so far. The popularity of the series suggests that there might be more coming soon.

The slot series is pretty familiar in style and gameplay features to Lightning Link slots. Because they’re developed by the same studio, that shouldn’t come as a big surprise.

Here’s an overview of all the Dragon Link pokies released so far:

  • Dragon Link Silk Road
  • Dragon Link Golden Gong
  • Dragon Link Peace & Long Life
  • Dragon Link Genghis Khan
  • Dragon Link Golden Century
  • Dragon Link Spring Festival
  • Dragon Link Happy & Prosperous
  • Dragon Link Autumn Moon
  • Dragon Link Peacock Princess
  • Dragon Link Panda Magic

Themes and symbols in Dragon Link slots

Dragons are a recurring theme in oriental culture. They are associated with power, luck, and well-being.

The mythical creatures’ influence can be seen all over the reels of the slots, and dragons are linked to the jackpots themselves. In terms of variety, each slot is a story of its own. Many of these slots are linked to the theme of well-being (Peace & Long Life), while others are based on legendary warlords, such as Genghis Khan.

Dragon Link Peace & Long Life

In general, most of the slots look alike. They come in a 5×3 format, with no cluster pays, Megaways, or similar mechanics. The math model they share is familiar and simple to make out, and each Dragon Link slot also shares jackpots.

However, because creating one slot across 10 machines would be boring, Aristocrat introduced different symbols and features.

Dragon Link Spring Festival
  • In Silk Road, you get wilds that expand over the reels when they land in addition to the iconic Hold and spin bonus jackpot round.
  • The Dragon Link Genghis Khan slot has scatter wins up to 250x.
  • In Peacock Princess, reels 2, 3, and 4 are merged and spin together during the bonus round.
  • Dragon Link Golden Century offers a unique new feature where all special symbols in the bonus round may reveal a matching one, including jackpot symbols.
  • Royals are removed from the reels in the Happy & Prosperous Dragon Link slot.

So, while their themes are similar and Far East-oriented, the slots bring different things to the table, which makes them exciting and worth your while.

The symbols used are linked to the theme of each Dragon Link slot. In Happy & Prosperous, you’ll see more than one golden Buddha. Spring Festival has a lot of firecrackers. Genghis Khan shows many war items and the iconic warlord on the reels. Pandas dance on the reels in Dragon Link Panda Magic. Each Dragon Link slot machine is unique, even though they mostly share the same 5×3 setup.

Dragon Link Panda Magic

Paytables differ, too. Luckily, you can check what each Dragon Link pokies symbol pays by looking at the game’s guide.

Free spins and bonus rounds in Dragon Link slots

The top-paying action in the Dragon Link slots revolves around the free spins and the Hold and Spin bonus round. You might have heard about the latter. It’s a respins round triggered by six coins on the reels, and it only features non-blank symbols. Among them are jackpot coins, which can deliver one of the three fixed jackpots or the progressive jackpot.

All Dragon Link pokies also feature a free spins round triggered in the traditional way with three or more scatters. These bonus rounds can deliver the payload (big wins) thanks to the different mechanics that might include double or triple multipliers on all wins or some other kind of feature.

Free Spins

The free spins bonus in each Dragon Link slot machine is triggered by three or more scatters. However, they don’t all play the same way. For example, in Silk Road, the key feature is an expanding wild. It’s the same in Golden Gong. In Peace & Long Life, every wild doubles your wins in the bonus. If you land two, they will combine and pay up to x16.

Golden Century offers something a bit different. All special symbols that land on the reels will reveal the same symbol, including jackpot symbols. This means that you can win the fixed or progressive jackpot too in the bonus round, making it unique compared to simple expanding wilds or doubled/tripled wins.

Hold and Spin

The Hold and Spin feature is a rebrand of the popular Hold and Win bonus. Just like in any other slot, it is triggered by at least six coins on the reels of Dragon Link slots. You get 3 respins in the bonus round with non-blanks and coins only. Any coin that lands retriggers the bonus. If you land enough of them displaying a particular jackpot, you will win the jackpot in question.

If you fill the screen with jackpot symbols in any Dragon Link slot game, you win the progressive reward. It grows bigger with each bet, so you might be in for a life-changing jackpot when you play a Dragon Link slot machine.

Dragon Link slots no download―how to play for free?

We already mentioned that Dragon Link slot machines are available exclusively in land-based casinos. This means no Dragon Link slots online. That’s reality, unfortunately, but Aristocrat has plenty of time to change things and bring one of its most popular series to the Internet.

The fact that these slots are not available online also means you can’t play them on the go. If you want to play HTML5-enabled slot games, you must stick to other Aristocrat titles. There are plenty of online slots the studio has released. These online slots also vary in themes and gameplay features, so you can pick a game you like and enjoy it.

Can you use a casino bonus to play Dragon Link slots?

With Dragon Link slots being exclusively available in land-based casinos, you can’t play them with an online casino bonus, which is a shame. Online casinos these days offer a multitude of great bonuses, including welcome offers and free spins. Dragon Link slots might be a good choice for clearing bonus wagering if we only knew their stats.

Aristocrat hasn’t publicly released the volatility and RTP of their Math model, so we can’t tell that for sure. However. it seems like the games are in the medium to high variance range, which probably puts the RTP at an average of 96%. In that case, the slots would be a great pick for clearing bonus wagering requirements.

Until Aristocrat puts them up online, however, we won’t be able to do that. Land-based venues do offer some commodities, but free drinks or extra chips for high-rollers are nothing compared to the bonuses online casinos have. And to top that off, web casino bonuses and promotions are available for new and seasoned players.

Where can you play Dragon Link slots?

You can play Dragon Link slots in any Aristocrat land-based casino. Most of the big venues have these games due to their popularity. It’s the same with Lightning Link, which is more or less similar to this franchise.

Dragon Link slots will often be situated in the central part of the floor. You might even see banners that advertise these slot machines, depending on the local gambling advertising laws.

One way or another, it won’t be hard for you to find and play Dragon Link pokies. The lure of winning the big jackpot is too big to ignore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play Dragon Link slots for real money online?

No, you can’t. You can play them for real money, just not online. This is a slot cabinet series, meaning they are only physical machines; not virtual releases. We hope that Aristocrat fixes this soon and brings the world of Dragon Link online.

Can I play Dragon Link slots on my smartphone?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There is no online version of this slot machine. You need to visit a land-based casino and play it the old-school way.

What is the RTP of Dragon Link slots slot game?

Aristocrat hasn’t specified the return to player (RTP) rate of the Dragon Link slot games, so we can’t know for sure. If they’re anything like Lightning Link, their RTP should fall around the 96% mark.

How can I maximize your odds of winning at Dragon Link slots?

Slots are a game of chance, so you can’t win on all your spins. You might hit a decent streak here and there, but maximizing your chances is impossible. However, you can bet smart by starting small, then risk more money from time to time if you hit big wins. Sticking to responsible gaming policies is the way to keep your bankroll in check.

Are Dragon Link slots available with no download or registration on mobile?

No, they aren’t. These games are only available at land-based casinos.

Do Dragon Link slots have a progressive jackpot?

Yes, they do. It’s a shared network progressive jackpot that you can win on any Dragon Link slot. There’s no formula to raise your chances, but if you place higher bets, your chances should be slightly better.

Can you beat Dragon Link slots?

No, you can’t beat Dragon Link or any other title. Slots are a game of luck and chance, so you can’t win all the time.

Is Dragon Link slots good for high rollers?

Because we don’t know the precise RTP of the Dragon Link slots, we can’t tell you if they’re good for high rollers. However, most of Aristocrat’s games boast a wide range of bets with high maximums, making them a great pick for such players.

Is Dragon Link slots available for instant play?

No, they aren’t. These slots are only available at land-based casinos.

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