Online Slots Tournaments for Free and Real Money (2024)

Learn All About Slots Tournaments and Find an Online Casino to Play Them

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250% up to $1,500
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  • Accepts all US players (18+)

Key things you need to know

  • Unfortunately, only a few trustworthy casinos host slot tournaments.
  • Some slot tournaments are free, while others require an entry fee. There are even exclusive tournaments available to VIP members.
  • You can easily calculate your odds of winning if you know the number of participating players and the size of the prize pool.
  • Slot tournaments require a high degree of speed and concentration.
  • Scroll down for a list of the best offshore casinos for playing slot tournaments online.

The Best Casinos for Slots Tournaments

  • Cafe Casino – The best casino for slots tournaments overall
  • BetUS – Widest range of slot games

Reviews of the top three online casinos for slots tournaments

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino was launched in 2016. Since then, it has been offering a wide range of promotions, including hot weekly bonuses. It is home to more than 400 titles, including slots, table games, and live dealer games.

Although the casino hosts slot tournaments from time to time, we didn’t find any at the time of this writing.

In terms of safety and security, Cafe Casino is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board, which ensures that the operator follows all the safety protocols, including the adoption of firewalls and SSL encryption technology.

All new depositing players can take advantage of the casino’s welcome bonus. You can claim a 350% match deposit bonus of up to $2,000. You’re also automatically enrolled in the casino’s loyalty scheme, where you can get your hands on special promotions and weekly bonuses.

To get started, you only need to make a minimum deposit of $10 or more. You can fund your account via bank credit cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit depends on your choice of payment method.

To cash out your winnings, you also need to hold a minimum of $10 in your account. All withdrawal requests are processed in a few hours.

BetUS Casino

BetUS Casino may have been around since 1994, but it has succeeded in looking modern and new to this date. BetUS is a complete online gambling package that offers casino games, sports betting, and live betting.

It currently hosts more than 300 different games, including the best online slot machines from RealTime Gaming, Betsoft, and Nucleus Gaming. It also runs a wide range of promotions, such as reload bonuses and a refer-a-friend bonus, as well as a generous welcome bonus.

When you register for an account and make a deposit of $100 or more, you can claim a 200% deposit bonus of up to $2,500. You can also make a minimum deposit of $10 to play at this casino by opting for bank credit cards or Bitcoin. You need $50 or more in your casino account to withdraw your winnings.

BetUS Casino

This online casino is licensed and regulated by the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Once you register for an account, you will regularly receive casino bonuses and promotions for online slot tournaments straight in your inbox.

What is a slot tournament?

A slot tournament is held online at a casino or gambling site. It allows players to compete against each other to win a share of a real-money prize pool. Slot tournaments are available at land-based casinos, but with the popularity of online casinos, they have transitioned to the online gambling sphere.

Slot tournaments are easy to play. An online casino announces an event on its site and invites players to participate. You receive either a set number of credits or a specific time limit for playing. Players with the highest scores at the end of the tournament wins real money.

Slot tournaments, like many products and services offered by gambling sites, come in different shapes and forms. The winner could be the player who hits the biggest win within a specific timeframe, the first one to hit the free spins bonus round, or simply the one that generates the most wins during that period.

While there is no skill involved, you can win a good lump sum of money.

Since playing online slot games can be a solitary experience, it can be exciting to join other players in slot tournaments to compete for big prizes.

Are online slots tournaments free to enter?

Slot tournaments can either be free or require an entry fee. This depends on the casino and the terms of the events.

Free slot tournaments require you to wager your own funds to win coins. You don’t need to pay any fees or purchase any tickets to join free casino tournaments.

Wild Casino is currently running daily free online slot tournaments and giving away over $1,000,000 in tournament prizes on a monthly basis. You don’t need to pay an entry fee to participate in freeroll tournaments.

On the other hand, there are slot tournaments that require you to pay an entry fee. In what is known as a buy-in, participating players contribute towards the prize pool.

When it comes to slot tournaments with buy-ins, a casino might charge a fee of $25 to $100. This fee goes toward the cash prize.

To put things into perspective, if you have 1,000 players in a slot tournament, and they each pay $100 to participate, there is a potential cash prize of $100,000 up for grabs. Very often, there is not just one winner in slot tournaments. The top 10, 20, and even 30 tend to win a share of the prize pool. Top positions are usually guaranteed a cash reward.

Even if you don’t win a prize, you may be granted credits during the slot tournament.

How does an online slot tournament work?

Now that you know how slot tournaments work, you should be aware of what to expect when you join one:

  • Decide whether you want to play free slots tournaments or buy-in slots tournaments.
  • Play the qualifying slot games once you join the slot tournament. You must play these games specifically. You will not gain anything from playing other slot games.
  • Win coins and see how your score weighs up against that of other players on the leaderboard. The slot tournament may run for a few minutes, days, and even a month.
  • If you place first, you win a prize, though, with some tournaments, you have many top finishers who share the dividends. Prizes can entail cash, free spins, or bonus cash.

What factors should you consider when choosing a slots tournament?

Slot tournament gameplay differs considerably from playing online slots for free or real money in a typical casino environment. Here are the factors that you need to know before choosing a tournament.

Free or buy-in?

Take your time to shop around for the best slot tournaments that suit your needs. While most players are likely to opt for free slot tournaments, buy-ins might have better benefits. For example, they may have fewer competing players and a bigger prize.

Read the slot tournament rules

Before joining any online slot tournaments, it is important that you read the terms and conditions.

As you are registering your participation, the casino will have a set of restrictions. You need to follow the rules to ensure you don’t minimize your chances of winning or risk disqualification. See below for a list of common casino slot tournament rules.

You are provided with a specific set time to spend your credits. Anything spent outside of this time limit will not be counted.

All players are provided with an equal amount of credits in any slot tournament. Depending on the one you have chosen to play, you have the option to buy add-ons. Even with that, remember to spend all your credits within the set time period. Don’t leave anything unused.

The prize pool

Before picking the best slot tournament for you, look at the potential rewards pool and the duration of the tournament. Are you willing to wait an entire month or would you prefer to play a daily tournament with a smaller cash prize?

You should also be aware of how many players are up for the prize. The bigger the number of players, the fewer chances you have of winning a prize.  Keep an eye on the leaderboard as you play.

Spin the reels fast

You cannot play online slots in tournaments at a leisurely pace if you want to win. Since you are constrained by time, you need to spin the reels as fast as you can.

Making the most of your time is vital in securing a win in a slot tournament.

While you will not be able to enjoy the slot experience in the same manner as had you been playing at your leisure, you need to spin the reels fast and hope for good results in order to join the leaderboard.

Shop for the best slot tournaments

Not all tournaments involving slot machines online are created equally, and this applies to every aspect of online casinos. Slot tournaments come with their own set of rules and regulations.

Pick the slot tournament that best suits you. If you don’t like the qualifying slot games, for example, it is okay to skip the tournament and look for the next best game.

Common online slots tournament rules

A slot tournament may vary from one online casino to another. As mentioned, they may have different requirements, cash prizes, and slot machines, but most tournaments have a few common rules. 

Needless to say, familiarizing yourself with the rules of any slot tournament should give you some leverage and knowledge of what you need to do to achieve points.

Here are some of the most common general rules that apply across the board:

  • All players must compete in the same online slot game.
  • The winner will be the player with the highest number of credits.
  • If there is more than one winner, the same principle applies. Players who have the highest scores will win a share of the money available.
  • Every slot tournament has a start and an end time.
  • All players start with the same amount of in-game spins or credits.

Small-stack vs. big-stack slots tournaments

Before signing up for a tournament, you must find out what stack size is available to you. Both come with different perks and rewards, and they require differing rules. Here’s a detailed list of benefits.

Small Stack Tournament

  • It is a very fast-paced event that requires a high degree of attention and skill.
  • There are fewer spins.
  • A game is much shorter, but it also allows you plenty of time to win in a much faster manner.

Big Stack Tournament

  • Large stack tournaments can take a long time to play out. Make sure you’re rested and ready.
  • You have a much larger number of spins at your disposal.

Land-based vs. online slots tournaments

Online slot tournaments and land-based ones are quite similar in nature. There are still some key differences between the two, the most important of which are:

Land-based slot tournament:

  • There is a much more limited field of players due to the availability of slot machines.
  • The number of players highly depends on the location and space available.
  • You have to be available at a specific time so you can register for the slot tournament and get assigned one of the limited number of slot machines.
  • You can chat with other players both prior to and after the slot tournament.
  • You can get your hands on some lucrative prizes, such as jewelry, cash, vacations, and gift cards.

Online slot tournament:

  • You can participate anytime and anywhere, as long as you have a steady internet connection.
  • You can play on your phone, tablet, or desktop PC.
  • The number of players that can participate is unlimited.
  • You will not be able to see other players or have a chat 
  • Besides the chance of winning real money, you may also receive special casino bonuses and other rewards.

How much can you win from a free slots tournament?

Few people would play if there is nothing to win. There is always something beneficial for competitors who finish at the top. The prizes for free slot tournaments will vary from one casino to another. 

Before signing up or joining any tournament, it is important that you see what prizes can be won. They can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands.

To use the previous example once again, Wild Casino runs daily freeroll tournaments on a monthly basis. Some prizes vary between $5,000 and $20,000.

Other prizes up for grabs usually entail a number of free spins, bonus cash, or a mix of both.

What types of slots tournaments are there?

You will be surprised to learn casinos offer many different types of slot tournaments, so you have plenty of choices, to find the right game that best fits your budget and schedule.

  • Scheduled Tournaments: These have a specific start and end date. In order to participate in a scheduled tournament, you must visit the Promotions page of your chosen casino site when the registration process opens. All you have to do then is to sign up, register, and wait for the tournament to kick off. Note the time frames available for tournament play, as the competitions can last a few hours or even span days or a month.
  • Sit ‘n Go Tournaments: Most casinos now offer a very fast version of tournament. They are available around the clock and have no scheduled time. The key difference is that there are only a limited number of seats and the starting time will depend on how quickly players sit down to compete. These tournaments typically play out quickly.
  • Buy-in Tournaments: These only work if players pay a fee of their own money in order to participate. These fees usually vary but are generally under $20 online but can be much more in land-based casinos. The fee will go towards the total pool. All you have to do is to register for an account at your chosen online casino and pay the registration fee when prompted. You will then receive a number of allocated credits with which to compete.
  • PCH Slot Tournaments: Also known as Publisher’s Clearing House, PCH slot tournaments are created and hosted by a direct marketing company that hosts both freerolls for fun and buy-in slot events. The prizes can range between $100 and $10,000 in cash or prizes, which is paid through the company’s magazine and subscription services. 
  • Comped tournaments: To participate in a comped tournament, players must earn their entry into the tournament by either making a number of deposits or else having spent enough time to earn points at a specific online casino. They freeroll tournaments are generally reserved for loyal players and VIPs.
  • Reloader tournaments: Whether you have achieved low winnings or spent all your credits too soon, you can purchase extra rounds and start a game from scratch.
  • Extender tournaments: These are in a similar format to reloader tournaments. They can boost your results by opting for add-ons, which can increase the chances of winning.
  • Survivor slot tournaments: This type of slot tournament is carried out in rounds, with the players who achieved the lowest final score eliminated at the end of every session. No add-ons or rebuys are allowed in this type of tournament. Only the strong compete and survive.
  • One-shot tournaments: This type of slot tournament adds some pressure on players to achieve big wins. Similar to survivor slots tournaments, players only have one shot in a bid to make it to the next round. And there are no add-ons or rebuys allowed to boost your chances.
  • Freeroll tournaments: While rarer than the others in this list, most casinos online offer some sort of freeroll tournament. They are absolutely free to join and can offer substantial cash prizes. All you have to do to participate is to find a free slot tournament and register your interest. Wild Casino runs freeroll slot tournaments on a daily basis.

What are comped tournaments and how to enter them?

Comped tournaments are quite popular at online casinos and with players who like to stay loyal to specific gambling sites.

You can accumulate comp points by playing real money games. These points are, as such, loyalty rewards for every game played. Every bet moves you closer to the next level of a VIP scheme.

VIP programs and loyalty schemes are built across many different levels. The more comp points you earn, the quicker you will win different privileges, such as the opportunity to join special comped tournaments.

Why should you play video slot tournaments?

Playing online slot games can be a lonely experience, but you can up the fun level by joining slot tournaments. Their main goal is to draw players and get them to compete against each other in a fun game to win an award.

Another benefit of slot tournaments is that, unlike games such as poker, they require no skill or special knowledge whatsoever.

Free slot tournaments, as well as buy-in tournaments, are easily accessible to all players. With the exception of comped tournaments, casual players on small budgets can easily play slot tournaments without breaking the bank of their own money.

Competing in online slot tournaments enables you to build your stamina, compete for large payouts, and gain bragging rights from your leaderboard status and wins.

Free slot tournaments on mobile

Playing on your mobile phone or tablet is quite the norm for most online gamblers. While there are still players who enjoy playing on their desktop PC or laptop, more players are turning to the convenience of playing on the go, anytime and anywhere.

While there are still some online casinos that have dedicated mobile casino apps available for both iOS and Android users, a large portion of online casinos were created using the latest HTML5 technology. This makes casino sites easily accessible. You can access the sites from any device, be it an Android, iOS, or even Windows phone from the web browser.

If your chosen casino has a mobile slots app, you must first download it to your phone before you can play tournaments or any game. Otherwise, casinos and their tournaments can be accessed from your web browser. 

To be successful at slot tournaments, you must be very fast at clicking the ‘spin’ button. You can easily do this on your mobile phone as well as other devices of your liking.

Internet stability is key. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying free slot tournaments on the go as long as you are connected to a steady internet connection.

Strategy for winning at free slots tournaments

With so many cash prizes up for grabs, many slot tournament players want to know how they can achieve the best result. As such, there are no tricks that can boost your chances. Slot tournaments are no games of skills.

With a touch of good luck, as well as a strong element of concentration and speed, you can improve your chances of success:

  • Spin fast: Keep your finger on the spin button and spin as fast as you can. Bear in mind that you only have a very short time to spend your credits. Spinning fast boost your final score and make all the difference.
  • Practice for free: Most online casinos allow you to play the best free slots with no download. T-Rex II starts many players on their slots journey. Take the time to practice so you can get a good idea of the winning variations and features before spending your own money. You can find out how online slots work here.
  • Make sure you’re connected: It is not a good idea to play in a slot tournament if you have patchy internet. Make sure you have a steady internet connection so you can have an uninterrupted session.
  • Maximum betting: Some players swear that placing maximum bets will give you a higher winning chance. Of course, it can also generate big wins. If the end goal is to have the biggest wins, max betting could be it. You should keep in mind that this strategy comes with an element of risk.
  • Bet on all paylines: If you are playing a slot game with no fixed paylines, it is best recommended that you bet on all active paylines to give yourself the best chances of landing a number of matching symbols.
  • Keep an eye on the time: From the moment the tournament kicks off, you must keep an eye on the time to ensure that you spend as many credits as possible before the time is up.
  • Avoid distractions: Don’t get distracted during the game. Go to a quiet place to play and avoid letting people distract you during this period.

How to choose the right slot tournament?

Picking the right slot tournament can make all the difference in the world. While it is all down to luck, there are many elements that come into play to help you pick the right game based on your availability, bankroll size, and personal preference.

Here are some key elements to take into consideration when shopping around for a slot tournament:

  • Availability: Make sure you are available and ready to play when the slot tournament is scheduled to take place. When you register for the tournament, book it into your schedule, so you don’t waste any of your own money or a good opportunity.
  • Entry fee: There are many different buy-in tournaments to pick and choose from. If you want to pay an entry fee, pay attention to the type of tournament you are signing up for. If you don’t want to pay an entry fee, choose online casinos with the best free slots and tournaments.
  • Prizes: Whether you want to go for a small or a big prize, it is worth looking at what is up for grabs. Awards can vary from free spins, money, bonuses, and more.
  • Slot games: If you want to really enjoy the full slot tournament experience, make sure that the qualifying/participating online slot games are to your liking. From the best Vegas slots to classic fruit machines and 3D video slots, make sure your taste is catered to.
  • Rebuy option: Some slot tournaments give you the opportunity to rebuy, by allowing you to buy more credits when you run out. If you run out of credits very early in the tournament, you will be able to buy more credits.

What are exclusive slots tournaments?

Exclusive slots tournaments are not available to all players but exclusively to VIP and loyal players who have achieved and made it to a specific loyalty tier. The prizes up for grabs are also equally as generous. Since they are not available to all players at the online casino in question, there are fewer players and bigger dividends.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play a slot tournament?

Sign up with one of our recommended online casinos that accept USA players and join one of the tournaments in their lobby. The casino will provide you a specific number of credits, which you must use within a specific time frame. The player/s with the highest credit amount win.

How to calculate the odds of winning a slots tournament?

To calculate the odds of winning a slot tournament, you need to know how many players are participating in the tournament and the rewards that are up for grabs.

If you have, for example, 1,000 players playing and there are 100 payouts for the top 100 players in the leaderboard, you have a one in 100 chance of winning something and a one in 1,000 chance of snapping up the big cash jackpot.

What’s a VIP slot tournament?

A VIP slot tournament is a tournament that is exclusively available to players who form part of a casino’s VIP program. It is not available to all players at a casino, only to players who have been invited to join the program or have made substantial deposits.

Do online slot machine tournaments pay real money prizes?

Yes. Most slot tournaments pay out real money, but they can also pay out bonuses and free spins.

Does Wild Casino have slots tournaments?

Yes. Wild Casino runs a daily slot tournament, giving away $1,000,000 in cash payments on a monthly basis.

Does Cafe Casino feature slots tournaments?

Although Cafe Casino offers slot tournaments from time to time, none were available at the time of this writing.

Are slots tournaments rigged?

As long as you register for an account at a licensed and regulated online casino, the slot tournaments are legit and fair. Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) to ensure the games cannot be rigged.

How long do slot tournaments usually last?

Slot tournaments vary in length. Some last a few minutes, while others can go on for hours, days, and even weeks.

How much does it cost to participate in a casino slot tournament?

That would depend on the type of slot tournament you are joining. Free online slot tournaments cost nothing, while buy-in tournaments require you to pay a small entry fee, typically $1-20.

There may also be welcome bonuses to help you make the most of your money when getting started. Look for promotions and bonuses to boost your account balance

Where can you play slot tournaments online?

We recommend Wild Casino, which has several tournaments running at any given time, with five-figure prize pools.

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