Top VGT Online Slot Machines and Casinos (2024)

Compare popular VGT slot games and find the best gambling sites to play them for free and real money

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Key Things You Need to Know

  • VGT, or Video Gaming Technologies, was founded in 1991 by Jon Yarbrough in Franklin, Tennessee. In 2014, Australian gaming company Aristocrat bought VGT.
  • Players in the US will find VGT real money slots at many tribal casinos, including those located in Oklahoma. Land-based casinos in Mexico may also offer VGT slot machine games.
  • The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) is the gambling authority that licenses VGT’s games. 
  • VGT slots operate like bingo and are considered Class II games. They are operated on a player-to-player network with red screen features.
  • Some describe VGT games as bingo games disguised as slot machines, as they are all connected to the same server. Some also call them red screen slot machines because of their unique winning spins feature.

Best VGT Slots for Real Money

Most tribal casinos offer a good selection of VGT slot machine games. We tested them, along with their in-game features and bonuses, and provide our reviews here.

  1. The Hunt for Neptune’s Gold has four bonus games including the Neptune’s Maze, Mine Field, Shark Attack, and Diamond Hunt features.
  2. Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike offers spinning red screen free spins which can translate into bigger winning spins.
  3. Mr. Money Bags is a three reels which offers a progressive jackpot.
  4. Cameloot has bonus balls containing prizes ias well as Newton the Nudger, which might offer random bonus cash. 
  5. Frankenstein offers total win multipliers to increase regular wins. 
  6. Lizards on the Loose is a slot with stacking free spins as well as wild symbol multipliers, which add another layer of winning potential.
  7. Gemstone Falls has a bonus feature which includes multipliers ranging from 7x to 49x. 
  8. It’s Payback Time a slot with the Add-a-Reel feature for extra wins. There is also a 2x multiplier on every reel.
  9. Celia Cruz a jackpot slot which gives you the opportunity to win a jackpot, which is fixed at 2,500 credits.
  10. The Lucky Leprechaun is a slot with pots of gold. Spin this three-reeled slot and try to find the pots of gold.

Best VGT Online Slots Reviewed

Unfortunately, VGT doesn’t produce real-money slots online. This provider produces in-person-only slot machines found at land-based casinos. They’re available at many US tribal casinos, with a particularly good selection at in-person casinos in Oklahoma.

If you did fancy taking a trip to a casino property, here are reviews of our five favorite VGT slots that caught our attention. If not, check out our online slots guide for help playing slot games online.

Hunt for Neptune’s Gold – A Slot with Four Bonus Games

In the VGT slot Hunt for Neptune’s Gold, you play on five reels, and each shows three symbols. There are 20 paylines, and you need a winning combination starting from the leftmost reel to win. The theme of this VGT slot is, naturally, life under the ocean, with Neptune himself as the main character.

hunt for neptune's gold slot

When spinning the reels of the Hunt for Neptune’s Gold game, the goal is to find a bonus game. There are four different ones: Diamond Hunt, Mine Field, Shark Attack, and Neptune’s Maze. No matter which bonus game you trigger, there are instant cash prizes up for grabs. 

Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike – A Red Screen Slot

In Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike three-reel slot from VGT, there is only one payline. To win, you need three identical symbols on that line. The theme in Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike is mining, and if you’re lucky, you’ll strike gold. 

crazy bill's gold strike slot

The best bonus feature on this slot machine is the red screen free spins or random win. This is where the screen turns red and awards a prize, which may even be a series of prizes for multiple wins if you hit bingo in several patterns.

Mr. Money Bags – A Slot with a Progressive Jackpot

When you play Mr. Money Bags, you’re on another classic three-reel slot machine. There’s just one payline, and you can bet between $0.25 and $25 per spin. The theme of this game is simple; it’s money. The reels are loaded with money bags.

my money bags slot

There are two bonus rounds worth mentioning for this game. One is the red screen bonus free spins, and the other is the progressive jackpot. Mr. Money Bags is one of the VGT slots that features a progressive jackpot, this one offering a max win of $250,000. 

Cameloot – A Slot with Bonus Prizes

The Cameloot slot is a bit different than many other VGT slot games, as it has nine paylines. They stretch over five reels, each with three symbols. Cameloot’s theme is, obviously, Camelot, and all his knights appear in the game. Look out for Lancelot and Guinevere especially, as they can provide some good wins.

cameloot slot

What sets Cameloot truly apart from most other VGT slot machines is that it offers multiple bonus rounds. You can win cash prizes by triggering the Juggles the Jester, Wizard’s Wheel, and Newton the Nudger bonuses.

Frankenstein – A Slot with Random and Expanding Wilds

This is a five-reel video slot featuring as many as 30 paylines, which is far above the average in slots from this game provider. With the name Frankenstein, one might expect a spooky theme, but it actually offers cartoonish graphics for more of a fun game. 

frankenstein slot

Frankenstein is one of the more modern titles in VGT’s signature games library. You’ll get to enjoy expanding wild symbols that appear randomly. In addition, there are multipliers that will increase your total wins. 

VGT Slots with the Highest RTP

Regrettably, information on the Return to Player (RTP) percentages for VGT slots is currently unavailable on the official VGT website.

We are committed to keeping our content updated, and if RTP data is released in the future, we will promptly incorporate the information to provide a comprehensive overview of VGT slot offerings.

VGT Slots with the Largest Progressive Jackpots

There are eight VGT slots with progressive jackpots, and they are:

  • Mr. Money Bags – max. jackpot $250,000
  • 777 Bourbon Street – max. jackpot $250,000
  • Crazy Cherry – max. jackpot $250,000
  • Hot Red Ruby – max. jackpot $250,000
  • King of Coin – max. jackpot $250,000
  • Lucky Ducky – max. jackpot $250,000
  • Reel Fever – max. jackpot $250,000
  • Smooth as Silk – max. jackpot $250,000

VGT Slot Games with Low Minimum Bets

Make your bankroll last by choosing to play VGT slots with low bets. Some examples are:

  • Mr. Money Bags – min. bet $0.25
  • Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike – min. bet $0.25
  • Lizards On the Loose – min. bet $0.25

Best VGT Slots for High Rollers

Bet big to win big on these VGT slot machines:

  • Hunt for Neptune’s Gold – max. bet $50
  • Mr. Money Bags – max. bet $25
  • Crazy Bill’s Gold Strike – max. bet $25
  • It’s Payback Time – max. bet $25

Are Online VGT Slots Legal to Play in the US?

VGT machines are legal to play in the United States, and many casinos offer them. You’ll mainly find them at land-based casinos on Native American lands. VGT caters to the Class II market, specializing in games for the tribal gaming industry. Most of the slots are electronic bingo game machines and slot games. 

The Class II licensing of games means that VGT cannot offer games that pit the player against the house. They are only licensed to offer games that create an even playing field, also known as peer-to-peer games. This is the reason for the simplicity of the bonuses and an ode to classic and traditional slots.

Games from Video Gaming Technologies look like normal slots, but, in reality, they are bingo-style games. All slots are connected to one online server, and gamers play against each other on a virtual network. Bingo is the core of the setup.

For you as a player, there is little difference between electronic bingo and regular slot machine play. The win rate remains the same, and it remains random, as the machines remain games of chance, each with a random number generator (RNG) to ensure it is fair.

As a side note, “normal” slot machines that you find at Vegas casinos and online are Class III games. As such, they require a different license to be legally offered within the USA. 

What Makes VGT Slots Special?

There are many things that set VGT games apart from other online slots and games. Let’s look at some of the aspects:

Bingo Machines

VGT slot machines are all Class II games, which are ones that allow players to compete against each other. Bingo is the most well-known Class II game and one that sets the groundwork for similar games. And it is a specialty in the Video Gaming Technologies portfolio.

Non-House Banked Slots

The slot machines offered by VGT are not played against the house. When players compete against each other, it means the house (casino) has no edge and no investment in who wins or loses. It may look like any normal slot machine, but it is one of many popular games connected to one server.

Red Screen Slots

Player reviews show that they particularly like the VGT red screen slots. On a single spin, the screen can turn red and produce multiple wins. Each bingo pattern that contributes to the win adds up to create multiple wins, each one bigger than the last, until the red screen feature finally ends and calculates the win amount.

Simple Graphics

Other than the VGT red screen slots feature, the graphics from VGT tend to be relatively simple, especially when compared to some of today’s most popular video slots. However, this tends to be fairly normal when comparing land-based slot machines to online casino games.

Cartoon Symbols

Most slots from VGT have cartoonish graphics as their symbols, making them fun to play. Some feature classic symbols, like bars and cherries, but the modern slots offer a variety of themes. Frankenstein and Cameloot are good examples of slot machine games with cartoon-like symbols.

Classic Slots

Even though there are some modern five-reel slots in the VGT portfolio, a substantial number of the machines are more traditional. These classic slot machines offer three reels and only one payline. This might be a bit unfamiliar to some players, especially those used to playing online slots with multiple reel symbols and more paylines.

How to Choose the Best VGT Online Casino

Unfortunately, it is not possible to play VGT slots online. This game provider makes games exclusively for land-based casinos. So, although they do offer video slots and popular games, they are all physical machines. 

If you are interested in visiting a traditional brick-and-mortar casino to play VGT slots, your best bet is to travel to Oklahoma online casinos. You’ll find VGT games at numerous Native American-owned casinos. In addition, Mexico is a good destination for VGT casinos. 

VGT Online Casino Bonuses

You won’t find any online casino bonuses for games from VGT. Since you cannot play VGT slots online, you will not find a deposit bonus or match bonus, and there are no free spins bonus rounds.

In lieu of a deposit bonus, VGT games at casinos offer red screen bonus wins. At tribal casinos, wins are followed by red screen bonuses for payouts. On the bright side, some casinos comp drinks and snacks when you play slots and other games.

History of VGT

Video Gaming Technologies first saw the light of day in 1991 in Franklin, Tennessee, when Jon Yarbrough founded the company. He soon shortened the name to VGT.

The primary offering by VGT was and is “live-call bingo” games, which makes them eligible for a Class II license, per the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) of 1988. Since Oklahoma casinos would be quick to show their popularity, VGT knew that Class II games would be in demand and profitable, as they are tax-exempt.

In comparison, Class III games are “normal” slots and table games found in Vegas casinos and others around the US. Class III games are not exempt from any taxes, and players compete against the house, which means there is always a house advantage. Results are completely random, though, as they are in Class II games.

VGT obtained a license from the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) to offer its slots to casinos on tribal lands. The NIGC is the gambling authority that oversees and regulates the operation of tribal casinos.

The company was privately owned up until 2014, when it was acquired by Australian company Aristocrat Gaming. This is a game developer that makes both land-based slot machines as well as online casino games. 

Frequently Asked Questions About VGT Slot Machines

Are VGT slot machines safe to play?

Yes, VGT slot machines are safe to play. They are licensed by the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC), which is a nationally-recognized regulator. Each game also uses individual random number generators to ensure fair play on every machine.

Are VGT slots audited?

Yes, slot machines from VGT are audited, as this is a licensing requirement. Since VGT is now owned by Aristocrat, both entities are well-licensed per all global and US regulations. 

Can you play VGT slots on mobile?

No, unfortunately, you can’t play VGT slot machines on mobile devices. The games VGT offers are all located in traditional casinos with no mobile components available.

Can you play VGT slots for free?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play free slot games from VGT games. The gambling machines from VGT are all located at land-based casinos and do not offer free spins, free play, or any games in practice mode. At online gambling sites, players can choose from free or real-money casino games, but traditional casinos do not provide that option.

Can I play VGT slot machines on a Mac device?

VGT slot machines are all physical slots and do not exist at online casinos. Therefore, you cannot play online or find these games available on a Mac, Windows, or Android device. 

What deposit methods can I use to play VGT slot machines?

To play VGT games, you must use the types of currency accepted by the casino. All land-based casinos accept cash, but they also have ATMs so you can use a credit or debit card to obtain cash.

Are VGT slots rigged?

No, VGT slot machines are not rigged. They each use a random number generator (RNG) to ensure fair play in every game. In addition, since you are not playing against the casino on VGT slots but playing against other people, there is no reason for casinos to rig games.

Does VGT offer any popular table games?

No, VGT offers only slot-style games that operate on a player-to-player platform.

Does VGT make card games?

No, VGT only creates Class II games, which are slot machines that operate akin to bingo.

Does VGT have live games?

No, VGT operates solely as a provider of slot machine games for traditional casinos. Since you cannot play them online, there are no live dealer games or live dealers involved.

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