‘Squid Game’ Slot by Light & Wonder Debuts at Las Vegas Expo

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Netflix’s most-watched series of all time, Squid Game, is soon getting its own online slot. Light & Wonder, a global gaming supplier, this week unveiled its slot based on the popular South Korean TV series at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

The collaboration is streaming giant Netflix’s first venture into the casino gaming world. The slot machine will incorporate slot bonus rounds based on the series’ games, such as the much-memed Red Light – Green Light, Tug of War, and The Glass Tile. It will also have a fittingly large jackpot, which casinos can set at a level up to $400,000.

The dark and violent series follows financially desperate players who enroll in a deadly game that has a huge cash prize for the winner of a series of increasingly macabre and sadistic challenges based on local children’s games.

As well as this new slot game with Light & Wonder, Netflix is also set to debut a nonviolent reality TV version of the series’ game show, airing next month.

“Light & Wonder is proud to be the first slot gaming company in the industry to partner with Netflix’s Squid Game and bring this groundbreaking show to life across multiple casino gaming platforms,” he said in a press release.

A Glimpse into the ‘Squid Game’ Slot

The new Squid Game slot machine will be housed inside Light & Wonder’s HORIZON cabinet, which boasts a 75-inch screen with 600,000 individual micro-LED pixels, expanding the display area to 90 inches.

The cabinet also features integrated lighting, a 27-inch touchscreen, a mobile charger, and dual play buttons, offering an immersive player experience.

Light & Wonder plans to introduce a digital adaptation of the theme, featuring three bonus rounds inspired by the series’ games. It will also include characters from the show, such as the game’s guards, who wear pink suits with X, 0, and squares on their visors. The Squid Game slot is expected to hit casino floors in 2024.

Those hoping to see it at U.S. online casinos will be disappointed, as it is seemingly set to be a physical- only release.

Surprise Success

Netflix’s decision to license Squid Game for a slot machine comes after the series became a surprise smash hit success for the streaming service in 2021.

Despite series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk previously working for nearly a decade to get his series made without success, it has now amassed 65 billion viewing hours since its release in September 2021. That makes it the most-watched Netflix series ever.

The show’s themes of high-stakes risk and rewards aligns well with the casino gaming environment, making it a great fit for a slot game.

On the other hand, the series’ anti-capitalist themes, such as the investigation of the wealthy individuals behind the Squid Game and the financial desperation that encouraged the competitors to enter, will probably not be present in the slot.

Fan Favorites and Immersive Gameplay

Netflix is not only venturing into the casino world with Squid Game, but also expanding the brand in other ways after its unexpected success.

A second season of the show has been ordered, and a reality show based on Squid Game, involving 456 players competing for a $4.56 million cash prize, is set to premiere next month. An experiential attraction centered around Squid Game is also slated to open in Los Angeles in December.

CEO of Light & Wonder Matt Wilson expressed the company’s pride in being the first slot gaming company to partner with Netflix and the popular Squid Game.

“We’ve seen how combining fan-favorite shows with immersive gameplay can resonate with audiences both digitally and on casino floors. Unveiling this captivating game on our innovative HORIZON cabinet makes for an unparalleled player experience,” he said.

Light & Wonder will also be bringing other famous media franchises to U.S. casinos soon. Earlier in 2023, it signed an extended agreement with Warner Bros Discovery Global Themed Entertainment to produce licensed slots for the huge conglomerate’s many media universes. So far Willy Wonka and Wizard of Oz online slots are set to launch in 2024, with potential collaborations in the future now including Scooby Doo, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter.

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