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In 1990, voters allowed for limited-stakes casinos to enter the mountain towns of Black Hawk, Cripple Creek, and Central City, alongside tribal gaming venues in the state. Today, 34 commercial and tribal casinos are operating in Colorado. However, the use of online casinos remains illegal and no legal efforts are currently underway to change this. 

Therefore, as it stands, anyone wishing to play casino games for real money in Colorado will need to head to a land-based property. Alternatively, sweepstakes casinos are available for anyone looking to play for “sweeps coins” instead of dollars, or social online casinos are available and legal if you don’t wish to play for real money and have become popular in Colorado. 

You may also come across real money internet casinos that say they accept players from Colorado but don’t be fooled; as no laws have passed to legalize and regulate the online casino industry in CO, all these sites are illegal and operate from overseas.

Because of this, it can be hard to determine the legitimacy of the sites and many are scam websites looking to steal your personal information or hard-earned money. It is best to steer clear of these sites and stick to online sports betting or DFS, or head to land-based properties if you want to try your hand at slots, table games, or poker for real money. 

Will Colorado Ever Offer Legal Real Money Online Casinos?

Although online casinos are illegal in Colorado, for the time being, the success of online sportsbooks in the state may bring a change of heart. Moreover, with other US states legalizing the entire iGaming industry, there is a possibility that Colorado will follow suit in time.

It is impossible to know if or when this will happen or what the industry will look like for certain. However, based on the rules and regulations in other states, we can get a pretty good idea of what’s to come. 

Online slots and video poker machines will undoubtedly become available in a regulated market. These are the most prolific games available on legal sites in other states, with many operators offering hundreds of titles from top developers. Electronic Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are also popular, but live table games are too gaining a lot of momentum. However, live dealer games are not available in all states with regulated internet casinos, so CO online casinos may or may not offer this. 

In terms of operators, that state’s live sportsbook apps can point us in the right direction. The land-based casinos will likely have to partner with online operators to provide digital casino games, and so any sportsbooks already partnered with land-based venues that have a casino arm will likely go live. Examples include DraftKings, BetMGM, BetRivers, and PointsBet, all of which already have partnerships with casino properties in CO and have launched online casinos in other legal states

List of Land-based Casinos in Colorado 

As mentioned, for any real money casino games, your only option is to get to one of Colorado’s 34 brick-and-mortar casino properties. The majority are located within the towns of Black Hawk, Central City, or Cripple Creek, but there are also two tribal casinos in Ignacio and Towaoc. 

Here are all of your options for safe and legal land-based casino gambling in the state and the types of games you’ll find at each. 

Ameristar CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based1,240 slot machines, 40 table games, and 22 poker tables
Billy’s CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based265 slot machines, 8 table games, and 2 poker tables
Brass Ass CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based232 slot machines, 11 table games, and 1 poker table
Bronco Billy’s CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based435 slot machines
Bull Durham Saloon & CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based194 slot machines
Century CasinoCentral CityLand-Based464 slot machines, 6 table games, and 1 poker table
Century Casino Cripple CreekCripple CreekLand-Based195 slot machines, 5 table games, and 1 poker table
Christmas CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based121 slot machines
Colorado Grande Hotel & CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based218 slot machines
Dostal AlleyCentral CityLand-Based63 slot machines
Double Eagle Hotel & CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based462 slot machines and 3 table games
Easy Street CasinoCentral CityLand-Based180 slot machines
Famous BonanzaCentral CityLand-Based238 slot machines
Gilpin Hotel & CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based309 slot machines
Golden Gates CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based172 slot machines, 7 table games, and 18 poker tables
Golden Gulch CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based64 slot machines
Golden Mardi Gras CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based64 slot machines
Grand Z CasinoCentral CityLand-Based684 slot machines, 7 table games, and 1 poker table
Isle Casino HotelBlack HawkLand-Based909 slot machines, 22 table games, and 14 poker tables
Johnny Nolon’s CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based223 slot machines
Johnny Z CasinoCentral CityLand-Based330 slot machines
JP McGill’s Hotel & CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based280 slot machines
Lady Luck CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based415 slot machines and 7 table games
Lodge CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based963 slot machines, 20 table games, and 6 poker tables
Midnight Rose Hotel & CasinoCripple CreekLand-Based348 slot machines and 8 poker tables
Monarch CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based743 slot machines, 11 table games, and 3 poker tables
Red Dolly CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based131 slot machines
Saratoga CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based437 slot machines, 10 table games, and 2 poker tables
Sasquatch CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based186 slot machines
Sky Ute CasinoIgnacioNative American600 slot machines, 8 table games, and a 200-seat bingo hall
Ute Mountain CasinoTowaocNative American780 slot machines, 6 table games, and a 400-seat bingo hall
Wild Card SaloonBlack HawkLand-Based250 slot machines
Wildwood Casino Cripple CreekLand-Based507 slots, 10 table games, and 4 poker tables
Z CasinoBlack HawkLand-Based404 slot machines and 6 table games

Colorado Casino FAQs

Are online casinos legal in Colorado?

No, online casinos are not legal in Colorado. You may find real money sites online that accept players from Colorado, but these are not licensed or regulated by the state and are instead run by offshore operators. To play on these sites from inside CO is illegal and there is no security that you are playing on a legitimate and trusted site. 

Will Colorado see fully-fledged online casinos in the future?

Colorado may see fully-fledged online casinos in the future, but not for a while. This would require new legislation to be passed, but the last legal attempt made gained no real traction. However, with other states legalizing the industry and with the success of Colorado online sports betting, there is hope for the future. 

Should I play at offshore casinos in Colorado?

No, you should not play at offshore casinos in Colorado. As these sites are not regulated or licensed by the state, gambling at offshore internet casinos is not recommended and could put your money and sensitive information at risk. Playing as these sites from Colorado is also illegal. 

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