The state of Illinois has once again extended mobile registration for sports betting after the order expired on September 19. It has been fairly difficult to keep track of whether or not mobile registration is available for sports betting in Illinois, and many residents have been left wondering what the latest rules and regulations are.

With the year hit by the pandemic, the sports betting industry saw months of inactivity and subsequent decline. Fortunately, after a long break of stagnation, the industry is now looking to come back stronger than ever before.

Experts believe that the gaming industry will bounce back to the booming business it was pre-pandemic by providing online mobile registration, with the hope it has the potential to shoulder the economic burden of the state.

The Seesaw of Sports Betting in Illinois

The state’s attempt to launch its sports betting industry has unfortunately been damaged through bad luck, bad timing, and bad decision making. Sports betting went live in the state in March 2020, a week before the pandemic-led country-wide shutdowns. Though unpredictable, this was catastrophic to Illinois infantile sports betting scene.

Following the shutdown, people could not visit sportsbooks in person to place wagers. Realizing the situation, Governor J.B. Pritzker issued an order enabling online registration of mobile betting accounts.

The order prevailed until late July until the Governor decided to reverse it and reverted to the previous situation in which people has to visit sportsbooks in person to register for an account. This did not go down well with many sports betting enthusiasts who could not visit in person due to health or location reasons, and so the governor again decided to allow mobile registration.

The order once again expired on September 19. Like before, Governor Pritzker has again extended the order. Though the executive seesaw is partially benefiting those who wish to create a mobile account, it has also coincided with plenty of confusion.

Sportsbooks Are Commending the Extension

Both DraftKings and FanDuel view the extensions as a commendable move since neither has locations near Chicago where a huge population of sports betting enthusiasts reside. An online registration paves the way for everyone interested in creating an account to be able to do so, regardless of how close to a retail sportsbook you reside.

Illinois is a state which would love to see sports betting numbers rise. Indeed, August and September have given much hope, and the optimism is likely to stay throughout the remaining months of the year.

Many in the industry criticize the Governor, suggesting the move should have been made from the beginning. However, the issue will be reviewed when the existing extension reaches its deadline tomorrow.

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