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In the ever-changing landscape of US gambling laws by state, New Hampshire’s approach to brick-and-mortar casinos offers a distinctive picture. Unlike many states where casino gambling has been fully embraced, New Hampshire maintains a cautious stance towards land-based casinos, with only charitable gaming fully sanctioned. There are no commercial or tribal casinos operating within the state lines.

The gambling age by state varies across the U.S., and in New Hampshire, individuals must be 18 years or older to participate in lottery and bingo, but they must be 21 to engage in live poker, which is allowed in some charitable gaming contexts. This limited scope of B&M casinos in New Hampshire makes the state unique and reflects its specific concerns and values in regulating this aspect of the entertainment industry.

New Hampshire Land-based Casinos

Concord Casino

Concord Casino, located in Concord, New Hampshire, is a notable gaming venue within the state’s limited casino environment. Situated at 67 South Main Street, the casino opened its doors to the public in 2015. Spanning approximately 12,000 square feet, the casino offers an array of gaming options tailored to the state’s charitable gaming laws.

Concord Casino

Players can find various table games like roulette, blackjack, and craps, as well as a dedicated card room that hosts poker tournaments and live cash games. For those interested in online gaming, there are several best real money casino apps to explore. One of the popular games that regularly attracts enthusiasts is Texas Hold’em. In addition to the gaming facilities, the Concord Casino provides other amenities like a restaurant and bar, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal or a drink in a relaxed setting.

Though the casino offers a range of gaming and entertainment options, some patrons have expressed mild dissatisfaction with the limited variety of slot machines, given the legal constraints on such devices within the state. Despite this minor complaint, Concord Casino continues to be a significant entertainment destination in New Hampshire’s capital, catering to both local residents and tourists alike, while adhering to the state’s specific gambling regulations.

Lakes Region Casino

Lakes Region Casino, situated in Belmont, New Hampshire, stands as an entertainment landmark for those looking to experience the state’s distinctive approach to gaming. Located at 1265 Laconia Road, this establishment first welcomed patrons in 2005. The casino spans a modest area, with over 35,000 square feet dedicated to a variety of gaming activities.

Lakes Region Casino

Within its walls, Lakes Region Casino offers table games like blackjack and roulette. Additionally, it has a notable card room, which has become a hub for poker enthusiasts. One of its most sought-after games is Texas Hold’em, drawing both novice and experienced players alike. Beyond the gaming tables, visitors can take advantage of the on-site greyhound and horse betting facilities. However, for sports betting enthusiasts, exploring the best New Hampshire online sportsbooks might be a good alternative, as the venue doesn’t feature its own sportsbook.

For those looking for more than just gaming, the casino boasts a restaurant and bar, ensuring guests have ample dining options. However, some visitors have mentioned that the casino can get quite crowded during peak hours, leading to longer wait times at certain gaming tables. Despite this minor inconvenience, Lakes Region Casino remains a cherished spot in Belmont, reflecting New Hampshire’s unique blend of gaming and entertainment.

The River Casino & Sports Bar

Located in the heart of Nashua, New Hampshire, The River Casino & Sports Bar is a vibrant hotspot for gaming enthusiasts. The casino, situated at 53 High Street, began its operations in 2008, adding a fresh dimension to the state’s limited casino scene. The casino has a compact size, with its gaming floor occupying around 13,000 square feet.

The River Casino & Sports Bar

The River Casino offers a range of gaming options including table games such as blackjack, roulette, and poker. It has earned a reputation for hosting lively Texas Hold’em tournaments, which draw players from around the region. For those interested in the online casino world, they might want to look into the best New Hampshire online casinos for a broader gaming experience. As its name suggests, the establishment also features a sports bar, though it does not offer a sportsbook for wagering.

Adding to the casino experience, The River Casino & Sports Bar includes a restaurant, ensuring guests can enjoy a meal amidst their gaming activities. Despite these offerings, a minor complaint from some patrons is that the casino’s smoking policy can occasionally detract from the overall experience. Despite this, The River Casino & Sports Bar remains a popular choice for locals and tourists alike, maintaining its place within New Hampshire’s unique casino landscape.

Northwoods Casino

Northwoods Casino, nestled in the scenic city of Berlin, New Hampshire, offers a slice of entertainment and gaming to residents and visitors alike. Located at 155 Emery Street, this venue was inaugurated in 2017. Occupying a space of approximately 16,000 square feet, Northwoods Casino provides a range of gaming opportunities to its patrons.

Northwoods Casino

The casino’s gaming repertoire includes several table games, with blackjack and roulette standing out as fan favorites. Online enthusiasts also have options among the best online casinos for real money. While poker enthusiasts will be delighted to know there’s a card room, details on a sportsbook remain ambiguous. Complementing the gaming experience, Northwoods Casino houses a restaurant, allowing patrons to indulge in culinary delights amidst their gambling ventures.

One occasional point of contention among visitors, though minor, relates to the casino’s relatively limited selection of slot machines, a common refrain in New Hampshire due to the state’s gambling regulations. Despite this, Northwoods Casino remains a beloved entertainment hub in Berlin, offering a mix of gaming and dining in the heart of New Hampshire’s picturesque landscape.

Boston Billiard Club & Casino

Boston Billiard Club & Casino in Nashua, New Hampshire, offers an eclectic blend of classic gaming and social entertainment. Conveniently located at 55 Northeastern Blvd, the establishment has been a mainstay since its opening in 2015. Encompassing a generous space, this venue spans over 20,000 square feet, offering ample room for both gaming and relaxation.

Boston Billiard Club & Casino

The club’s gaming portfolio is varied, catering to a wide range of preferences. While traditional table games like blackjack and roulette are available, poker, particularly Texas Hold’em, stands out as a crowd-pleaser. For those who prefer a more laid-back gaming experience, the billiards section is not to be missed, reflecting the establishment’s namesake.

Beyond the gaming tables, Boston Billiard Club & Casino boasts a fully-equipped bar and restaurant, ensuring that guests are well-catered to, whether they’re in for gaming, dining, or both. A minor hiccup some patrons have voiced is the occasional wait time during peak hours, particularly for poker tables. While the establishment does house a card room, there’s no mention of a sportsbook. Nevertheless, with its blend of games, food, and ambiance, the club remains a go-to destination in Nashua for both locals and visitors.

B&M Casinos in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is home to a select number of land-based casinos, mostly offering charitable gaming options. Below is a table detailing these establishments:

CasinoAddressCityPhone Number
Lakes Region Casino1265 Laconia RoadBelmont(603) 267-7778
The River Casino & Sports Bar53 High StreetNashua(603) 881-9060
Concord Casino67 South Main StreetConcord(603) 224-7711
Boston Billiard Club & Casino55 Northeastern BlvdNashua(603) 943-5630
Northwoods Casino155 Emery StreetBerlin(603) 723-9550
Chasers Poker Room & Casino7 Veterans Memorial ParkwaySalem(603) 912-4604
Filotimo Casino & Restaurant1279 South Willow StreetManchester(603) 668-6591
Keene Casino222 West StreetKeene(603) 903-0181

Biggest New Hampshire Casinos

New Hampshire, known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor activities, is not typically recognized for its casino scene. Unlike some of its neighboring states, New Hampshire’s approach to casino gaming is more restricted, favoring charitable gaming operations over large commercial casinos. Despite this, several establishments in the state have garnered attention due to their size, and although they might not compete with mega-resorts in places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, they do offer a considerable space for gaming and entertainment.

Lakes Region Casino, for instance, is among the more sizable venues in the state, with its gaming floor covering an expansive area. Similarly, Northwoods Casino in Berlin and Boston Billiard Club & Casino in Nashua provide ample space for both gaming and relaxation. While these establishments offer a range of gaming options, their size relative to typical commercial casinos in other states might be smaller.

Here’s a table showcasing some of the largest casinos in New Hampshire by size:

Casino NameSize in Square Meters
Lakes Region Casino3,251 m²
Concord Casino1,500 m²
Northwoods Casino1,486 m²
Boston Billiard Club & Casino1,858 m²
Chasers Poker Room & Casino1,394 m²
The River Casino & Sports Bar1,207 m²
Filotimo Casino & Restaurant1,300 m²
Keene Casino1,115 m²

NH Casinos with the Most Games

New Hampshire’s casino scene is distinctively characterized by its preference for charitable gaming over commercial casino establishments. However, within the bounds of the state’s regulations, some venues have managed to maximize their gaming offerings, presenting patrons with a varied choice in games. 

While in-person gaming options are limited, players do have access to offshore online casinos with the best New Hampshire no deposit bonuses, allowing you to play popular games for free.

Larger establishments such as the Lakes Region Casino, Boston Billiard Club & Casino, and Northwoods Casino tend to offer a wider selection of games, given their space and capacity. These venues not only house traditional table games like blackjack and roulette, but they also offer variations of poker, bingo, and occasionally, slot machines. Furthermore, the number of games a casino offers is not solely dependent on its size; operational strategies, audience demographics, and regional demand play significant roles too.

Here’s a table showcasing some of the New Hampshire casinos with the most games:

Casino NameGame Count
Lakes Region Casino35
Boston Billiard Club & Casino32
Northwoods Casino30
Filotimo Casino & Restaurant28
The River Casino & Sports Bar27
Keene Casino25
Chasers Poker Room & Casino24
Concord Casino23

New Hampshire Casinos with Hotels

New Hampshire, while rich in natural beauty and a favorite among those seeking outdoor adventures, is not as well-known for expansive casino resorts as some other states. The state’s approach to casino gaming leans more towards charitable gaming operations, with large-scale commercial casino-hotels being rare. However, there are establishments within New Hampshire that complement their gaming offerings with lodging facilities, catering to those who wish to extend their stay and experience more of what the venue and surrounding area have to offer.

In terms of the hotel offerings tied to casinos, the spectrum can range from boutique setups with a handful of rooms to larger establishments with more comprehensive facilities. The presence of a hotel can be an indicator of the casino’s intent to offer an all-rounded experience, blending gaming, dining, relaxation, and accommodations under one roof.

Below is a table showcasing some of the casinos in New Hampshire that offer hotel accommodations:

Casino NameNumber of Hotel Rooms
Northwoods Casino70
The River Casino & Sports Bar50

Casino Games in New Hampshire

The Granite State may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of gambling, but New Hampshire does offer a selection of casino games within its borders. Primarily focused on charitable gaming, the state has a handful of establishments where enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite pastimes.

In addition to the in-person gaming options, New Hampshire players also have access to the best live dealer casinos for interactive casino gaming from home. Leading sites promote responsible gambling through tools and resources.


Slot machines, while not as prevalent in New Hampshire as in some other states due to the charitable gaming focus, are still a feature in certain venues. These machines offer players a chance to test their luck with spins and potential jackpots.


  • Progressive slots
  • Multi-line slots
  • Classic three-reel slots

Casino Poker

Casino poker holds a significant place in New Hampshire, with several poker rooms and tournaments that attract players from all over the region. The state is also home to some of the best New Hampshire poker sites.


  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Seven-Card Stud
  • No-Limit Hold’em tournaments


A timeless casino classic, roulette has also found its way into the state’s casinos, offering players the thrill of guessing where the ball will land.


  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette


Blackjack, one of the most popular casino card games, is available in a few New Hampshire establishments, presenting the classic battle between player and dealer.


  • Classic Blackjack
  • Double Exposure Blackjack

Dice Games

While not as widespread, some casinos in New Hampshire offer dice games that cater to enthusiasts of this age-old form of gambling.


  • Craps

Other Games

Beyond the mainstream offerings, New Hampshire casinos host a variety of other games to cater to a broader range of patrons.


  • Bingo
  • Keno
  • Pull Tabs

Riverboat Casinos in New Hampshire

While the charm of riverboat casinos is prevalent in certain parts of the United States, New Hampshire has historically not been a hotspot for this style of gambling. The Granite State, known primarily for its charitable gaming, does not currently have riverboat casinos as part of its gaming landscape. The legal framework and the state’s approach to gambling have not favored the development of such establishments, focusing more on land-based operations.

Indian Gaming Tribes in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, while rich in history and culture, has a different relationship with Native American tribes compared to many other U.S. states. Historically, the native tribes that occupied the region of present-day New Hampshire include the Abenaki, Pennacook, and the Wabanaki Confederacy. However, unlike states in the Midwest or the Pacific Northwest, New Hampshire has not seen the establishment of Indian casinos or gaming operations.

The rise of Indian gaming in the U.S. is primarily a result of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) of 1988, which set the foundation for tribes to operate casinos and other gaming establishments on their reservations. However, such developments require both federal recognition of tribes and state compacts, which provide legal frameworks for operations.

In the case of New Hampshire, there hasn’t been a prominent push or establishment of Indian casinos. This could be attributed to several factors, including the state’s approach to gambling, the relatively small Native American population, and the lack of federally recognized tribes with reservation lands suited for such developments.

Gambling Taxes in New Hampshire

When it comes to individual gambling winnings, New Hampshire stands out in its tax approach. Here are the details on gambling taxes in the state:

1. State Income Tax on Gambling Winnings: New Hampshire does not have a general state income tax on earned income, which means individuals are not taxed at the state level on gambling winnings. This is a departure from many other states where gambling winnings would be treated as taxable income.

2. Federal Income Tax: Despite the state’s lenient approach, it’s essential to remember that all gambling winnings are subject to federal income tax. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), all gambling winnings, regardless of the amount, should be reported as income on your federal tax return.

  • Form W-2G: If you have received certain types of gambling winnings or have any winnings subject to federal tax withholding, the payer might provide you with a Form W-2G detailing the amount you won and the amount, if any, withheld for taxes. This form is particularly common for significant winnings, such as those from lotteries or certain betting scenarios.
  • Record Keeping: It’s advisable for gamblers to keep an accurate diary or similar record of all winnings and losses. This record should include the date and type of wager, the name and address of the gambling establishment, the names of other people present at the gambling establishment, and the amounts you won or lost.

3. Deducting Losses: On the federal level, you can deduct your gambling losses, but only to the extent of your winnings. This means that you can use your losses to offset your winnings, but you can’t claim a deduction for losses that exceed your winnings. To claim this deduction, you’d need to itemize your deductions, and you would report both the winnings and losses on Schedule A of Form 1040. Again, maintaining accurate records of gambling activity can be beneficial here.

4. Payment: If you have significant gambling winnings, you may be subject to quarterly estimated tax payments. It’s recommended to consult with a tax professional or the IRS guidelines on estimated tax payments to ensure compliance.

In conclusion, while New Hampshire residents enjoy a break from state taxes on gambling winnings, they must remain vigilant about their responsibilities at the federal level. Always consult with a local tax professional or accountant when dealing with substantial winnings or if you’re unsure about the tax implications of your gambling activities.


When was casino gambling legalized in New Hampshire?

Casino gambling in New Hampshire, primarily in the form of charitable gaming, has been legally operating since the 1970s, though the state’s approach is different from large-scale commercial casinos seen in other states.

What is the legal gambling age in  New Hampshire?

The legal gambling age for charitable gaming and lotteries in New Hampshire is 18.

Can you smoke in  New Hampshire casinos?

Smoking policies can vary by establishment, but New Hampshire has indoor smoking bans, which generally apply to casinos.

Are there horse racing / off-track betting locations in  New Hampshire?

Yes, New Hampshire has off-track betting locations for horse racing, though live horse racing has dwindled over the years.

Are there dog racing / off-track betting locations in  New Hampshire?

Yes, New Hampshire has off-track betting locations for horse racing, though live horse racing has dwindled over the years.

Is charitable gaming offered in  New Hampshire?

Yes, charitable gaming is a significant aspect of New Hampshire’s gambling landscape, with various establishments hosting games to benefit charitable causes.

Are there other legal restrictions in  New Hampshire?

New Hampshire has restrictions like betting limits and operational hours for charitable gaming establishments, ensuring that gambling aligns with the state’s regulatory framework.

How many casinos are there in  New Hampshire?

There are several casinos in New Hampshire, primarily operating under the charitable gaming model. The exact number can vary depending on openings and closings.

What was the first legal casino to open in  New Hampshire?

The first legal casino that opened in New Hampshire, Lake Regions Casino, opened in 2005.

Which NH land-based casinos offer free parking?

Most casinos in New Hampshire, especially those operating under the charitable gaming model, tend to offer free parking, but it’s always a good idea to check with the specific establishment beforehand.

How much is the annual tax revenue from casinos in  New Hampshire?

The exact annual tax revenue from casinos can vary year by year. In 2020, the state tax revenue from gambling was $11,000,815.

Is there a new casino opening soon in NH?

There doesn’t seem to be a new casino opening any time soon from the time of writing.

Where can I get help regarding gambling addiction?

For gambling addiction support in New Hampshire, individuals can reach out to the New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling or access resources provided by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services.

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