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New Hampshire Brick and Mortar Sportsbooks

New Hampshire’s journey into brick-and-mortar sportsbooks and sports betting legalities has been relatively recent. In 2019, following the repeal of PASPA, the state passed legislation allowing for legal sports betting, both online and at physical locations. 

This marked a significant shift in New Hampshire’s stance towards gambling. The state authorized the New Hampshire Lottery Commission to oversee sports betting operations.

The first brick-and-mortar sportsbook opened its doors in August 2020. The DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook, located in Seabrook, became the pioneer in offering in-person New Hampshire sports betting experiences to residents and visitors.

It’s important to note that while New Hampshire sportsbooks have become a part of the state’s gambling landscape, the state has also embraced online sports betting platforms, allowing residents to place bets remotely through various licensed operators. 

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission oversees and regulates both brick-and-mortar and online sports betting activities, ensuring compliance with US state gambling laws and providing a safe and secure environment for bettors.

Most Popular New Hampshire Land-Based Sportsbooks Reviewed

DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant

Address: 1279 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103
Phone Number: (603) 668-6591

Filotimo Casino & DraftKings Sportsbook is a land-based sportsbook located in Manchester, New Hampshire. The Filotimo Casino & DraftKings sports betting establishment was founded in 2020. The parent company of this NH sportsbook is DraftKings, which has a total monopoly on both retail and online sports betting in the state. 

In a mutual agreement, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission decided to designate DraftKings as the exclusive provider of sportsbook services, with the condition that the commission would receive 51% of the adjusted revenue from mobile platforms (and 50% from retail operations).

DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant Manchester

The Filotimo Casino & DraftKings Sports Book offers a wide range of sports to bet on, including basketball, rugby, and football. Some of the most commonly placed bet types include handicap, moneyline, parlays, teasers, point spread, and pleasers.

The Filotimo Casino & DraftKings Sportsbook also offers a number of amenities to make your betting experience more enjoyable. The sportsbook features a large space with plenty of seating and televisions to watch the games. There are also self-service betting kiosks where you can place your wagers.

DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant

Address: 887b Central Ave, Dover, NH 03820
Phone Number: (603) 742-9632

Established during the autumn of 2021, the DraftKings Sportsbook located within the Filotimo Casino & Restaurant at the Dover Bowl Complex was among the earliest retail sportsbook sites to commence operations within the state.

This venue swiftly garnered popularity as a preferred spot for witnessing live sporting events. It boasts six user-friendly DraftKings kiosks and an array of 11 high-definition TVs, ensuring an immersive sports viewing experience.

DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant

The facility is well-equipped with seating arrangements suitable for groups of all sizes, complemented by a dedicated sports bar that facilitates an enjoyable atmosphere for friends to collectively partake in the excitement.

DraftKings Sportsbook introduces a fresh approach for enthusiasts to engage in global sporting events. This encompasses conventional betting options as well as proposition bets, offering fans constant entertainment and involvement with every critical moment in games.

With affiliations including being the official daily fantasy partner of prestigious sports leagues like the NFL, MLB, and PGA TOUR, DraftKings stands as an authorized gaming operator of the NBA, and MLB, and an official betting operator of the PGA TOUR.

DraftKings Sportsbook The Brook

Address: 319 New Zealand Road, Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone Number: (603) 474-3065

Located in Seabrook, approximately 40 miles southeast of Manchester, The Brook in collaboration with DraftKings presents a diverse array of wagering opportunities, catering to the preferences of every sports aficionado. 

The ownership of The Brook & DraftKings sportsbook rests with Eureka Casino Resorts, ensuring a reliable and captivating betting experience for enthusiasts seeking both in-person and online betting thrills. The emergence of The Brook & DraftKings sportsbook followed the state’s legalization of all forms of New Hampshire sports betting in 2020.

DraftKIngs Sports at The Brook

This collaborative venture is a fusion of The Brook, a former greyhound racetrack that transitioned into a sports betting destination, and DraftKings, a prominent gambling operator. 

The establishment offers top-tier betting facilities to fulfill various preferences, while DraftKings provides an appealing online betting platform for those inclined toward virtual wagering.

This versatile venue serves both as a sportsbook and racebook, accommodating bets on greyhound and horse races encompassing thoroughbred and harness events, along with popular sports like basketball and American football. 

The comprehensive range of sports at The Brook & DraftKings Seabrook sportsbook is mirrored by an equally diverse array of betting types, including popular options like moneyline, handicap, and parlay. 

From professional and collegiate basketball, baseball, and football to horse and greyhound races, this venue offers many engaging betting choices.

Legal Offline Sportsbooks in New Hampshire

The history of legal offline New Hampshire sportsbooks dates back to 2020 when the state took significant steps towards expanding its gambling offerings. In that year, New Hampshire legalized various forms of sports betting, including both retail and online options. This marked a turning point for the state’s gambling landscape, allowing licensed operators to establish physical sportsbook betting locations. Below is a table listing legal land-based New Hampshire sportsbooks:

SportsbookAddressPhone Number
DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant1279 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103(603) 668-6591
DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant887b Central Ave, Dover, NH 03820(603) 742-9632
DraftKings Sportsbook at The Brook319 New Zealand Road, Seabrook, NH 03874(603) 474-3065

Race Tracks With Sports Betting

Currently, there are no racetracks situated in New Hampshire that facilitate pari-mutuel wagering. However, there exists a single off-track betting establishment that provides gambling enthusiasts with the opportunity to engage in simulcast betting. 

Given the popularity of horse betting, it is hopeful that a racetrack accommodating wagering activities will be established within the state.

NH Off-Track Betting

Regarding Off-Track Betting (OTB), while New Hampshire permits pari-mutuel wagering, there are no active race tracks hosting regular horse racing events, with the last such event occurring in 2012. Consequently, off-track betting facilities have become the sole venues for individuals to participate in simulcast horse racing.

Regrettably, New Hampshire features only one operational OTB facility known as The Brook, situated in proximity to Manchester, NH. Formerly recognized as a major greyhound racing venue, The Brook also offers various cash games and poker tournaments as well.

Casino Resorts With Sports Betting

Currently, there are a total of seven casinos operating in New Hampshire. Each of these venues offers patrons the opportunity to engage in various gambling activities such as slot machines, poker, blackjack, keno, roulette, and other popular casino games. Among these casinos, one establishment has integrated sportsbook terminals, enabling bettors to place wagers on a diverse range of sporting events.

DraftKings Casino Resort

Land-based casinos are fully sanctioned by law in New Hampshire. However, in the following list, we have exclusively listed the casino that provides sports betting as one of its offerings. While this establishment may not be classified as a resort, visitors can still partake in a wide array of games and enjoy the delightful dining options available within these venues.

DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo Casino and Restaurant

Address: 1279 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103
Phone Number: (603) 668-6591

Cruise Ships and Riverboats

New Hampshire currently lacks cruise ships that provide sports betting or casino gaming. The sole permissible method for New Hampshire sports betting is through retail sportsbooks. 

However, New Hampshire offers an excellent opportunity to experience the state at a more relaxed pace through its cruise offerings. Exploring the Seacoast, Portsmouth Harbor cruises provide an intimate perspective of the summer sunset over the water. 

For those interested in discovering the Isles of Shoals, both the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company and Island Cruises provide captivating outings. 

New Hampshire Cruises

Additionally, individuals who appreciate lakes will find numerous options within the state. From sailing on Lake Winnipesaukee aboard the M/S Mount Washington or the Winnipesaukee Belle to enjoying scenic journeys on Lake Sunapee, you can unwind while relishing the gentle breeze, picturesque vistas, and pristine waters.

Ocean CruisesLocationPhone Number
Gundalow CompanyPortsmouth603.433.9505
Island Cruises, IncRye603.964.6446
Isles of Shoals Steamship CompanyPortsmouth800.441.4620
Portsmouth Harbor CruisesPortsmouth800.776.0915
Lake CruisesLocationPhone Number
Experience SquamHolderness603.968.3990
M/S Mount WashingtonLake Winnipesaukee603.366.5531
Squam Lakes Natural Science CenterLake Sunapee603.938.6465
Sunapee CruisesLake Sunapee603.938.6465
Winnipesaukee BelleWolfeboro603.539.3016

Sports You Can Bet On

Local land-based sportsbooks in New Hampshire offer a variety of sports for betting enthusiasts to engage with. Here is a list of sports you can place bets on at these establishments:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Auto Racing
  • Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
  • Boxing
  • Horse Racing
  • Greyhound Racing
  • … and more

Available Bet Types

When it comes to sports betting, local B&M sportsbooks in New Hampshire offer a range of bet types to suit different preferences. Here are the available bet types you can choose from:

  • Moneyline: A bet on which team will win the game, regardless of the point difference.
  • Point Spread: Wager on whether a team will win by a specified number of points or if they’ll keep the margin within that range.
  • Over/Under (Total): Betting on whether the total combined score of both teams will be over or under a specific number set by the sportsbook.
  • Parlay: Combining multiple bets into one, with all selections needing to win for the bet to pay out.
  • Teaser: Similar to a parlay, but allowing you to adjust point spreads in your favor.
  • Futures: Betting on events that will occur in the future, such as the winner of a championship or tournament.
  • Prop Bets (Player/Team): Betting on specific outcomes within a game, like how many points a player will score or which team will score first.
  • In-Play Betting: Placing bets while the game is in progress, with odds and options updating in real-time.
  • Round Robin: Creating multiple parlay bets from a selection of teams, with some flexibility if not all selections win.
  • Pleaser: Similar to a teaser, but shifting the point spread against your favor for potentially higher payouts.
  • Round Robins: Creating all possible parlay combinations from a selection of teams.
  • Additional bet types: This refers to additional bet types that sportsbooks might offer, each with its own unique rules and characteristics.

Professional and College Teams In New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts a variety of professional and college sports teams that capture the excitement of competitive play. Here’s a list of some prominent teams representing the state:

Team SportLeague
Manchester MonarchsIce HockeyECHL
New Hampshire Fisher CatsBaseballDouble-A Northeast League
New Hampshire WildcatsVariousNCAA Division I
Granite State Roller DerbyRoller DerbyWoBaseballmen’s Flat Track Derby Association
Concord CannonsFootballNew England Football League
Seacoast United PhantomsSoccerUSL League Two
New Hampshire BobcatsFootballNew England Football League
Keene Swamp BatsBaseballNew England Collegiate Baseball League
New Hampshire Rugby ClubRugbyVarious Leagues
New England WolvesIce HockeyNorth American 3 Hockey League
Southern New Hampshire PenmenVariousNCAA Division II
New Hampshire RebellionWomen’s FootballWomen’s Football Alliance
Granite State DestroyersIndoor FootballAmerican Arena League
New Hampshire FreedomAmerican FootballEast Coast Football Alliance

Indian Gaming Tribes In New Hampshire

The presence of Indian gaming tribes in New Hampshire has a historical significance that reflects the state’s indigenous heritage. These tribes have played a crucial role in shaping the gaming landscape and contributing to the cultural fabric of the region. Here’s a glimpse into their history, followed by a list of the gaming tribes:

Indian Gaming Tribes in New Hampshire:

  • Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire
  • Koasek Traditional Band of the Sovereign Abenaki Nation
  • Cowasuck Band of the Pennacook-Abenaki People

These tribes have persevered through generations, maintaining their cultural heritage while also engaging in modern enterprises, including gaming ventures.

Dealing With a Gambling Addiction in New Hampshire

Dealing with a gambling addiction in New Hampshire can be challenging, but there are organizations and companies that are dedicated to offering assistance and support for responsible gambling. If you or someone you are acquainted with is facing challenges related to gambling addiction, contemplate getting in touch with the subsequent support options:

New Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling

This organization provides a range of services to help individuals and families affected by gambling problems. They offer helplines, counseling, education, and support groups to promote awareness and recovery.

Address: 10 Ferry Street, Suite 312, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-724-1605

Granite State Gambling Recovery

Granite State Gambling Recovery offers counseling and support services for individuals dealing with gambling addiction. They provide confidential and compassionate assistance to help individuals overcome their challenges and regain control.

NH council for responsible gambling

Address: 128 Hall Street, Suite B, Concord, NH 03301
Phone: 603-856-8947

National Council on Problem Gambling – New Hampshire

As part of the larger National Council on Problem Gambling, this chapter offers resources and information to individuals seeking help for gambling addiction. They provide resources for treatment, prevention, and support.

Address: Online resource
Phone: 1-800-522-4700 (National Helpline)

These organizations are committed to providing assistance and guidance to those affected by gambling addiction, helping them navigate the path to recovery and a healthier future.

Sports Betting Taxes In New Hampshire

Sports Betting Taxes in New Hampshire can be complex, and it’s important for bettors to understand their obligations regarding reporting and paying taxes on their potential winnings. 

In New Hampshire, any gambling winnings, including those from sports betting, are generally considered taxable income by both the federal and state governments. 

When you win from sports betting, the sportsbook may issue a Form W-2G, which reports your winnings and helps in calculating the taxes owed.

Here’s what you should keep in mind regarding New Hampshire sports betting taxes:

Reporting Winnings: When you win $600 or more from a sports bet, the sportsbook will typically report your winnings to the IRS and provide you with a Form W-2G. If your winnings are less than $600, you are still required to report them as taxable income.

Tax Rate: The tax rate on gambling winnings varies based on your total income and filing status. Gambling winnings are generally subject to both federal and state income taxes. The federal tax rate can range from 24% to 37%, depending on your income level.

NH gambling taxes

Deductions and Losses: You can offset gambling winnings with gambling losses, but only up to the amount of your reported winnings. Keeping accurate records of your bets, winnings, and losses is crucial for accurate reporting.

State Taxes: New Hampshire does not have a state income tax on wages and salaries, including gambling winnings. However, you should still report your gambling winnings on your federal tax return.

Payment and Reporting: If taxes are not withheld from your winnings by the sportsbook, you are responsible for reporting and paying the taxes directly to the IRS. You’ll need to fill out the appropriate tax forms, such as Form 1040, and report your gambling winnings on Schedule 1.

To learn more about US online gambling taxes, consult our online gambling tax guide

Online Gambling in New Hampshire

Online gambling has gained popularity due to its convenience and accessibility, allowing individuals to engage in gambling activities from the comfort of their own homes or on the go using their computers, smartphones, or other devices.

New Hampshire has taken steps to legalize and regulate certain forms of online gambling. In 2019, the state introduced legal online sports betting via online sportsbooks, allowing residents to place bets on various sports events through licensed online New Hampshire sportsbooks. 

NH online gambling

The New Hampshire Lottery Commission oversees and regulates online sports betting in the state. Additionally, New Hampshire has introduced online lottery sales, allowing residents to purchase lottery tickets and play various lottery games online.

For detailed information on wagering at the best casinos and safest online sportsbooks in New Hampshire, check out the below resources:

B&M New Hampshire Sportsbooks FAQs

What sports can’t you bet on in New Hampshire?

In New Hampshire, you can generally bet on a wide range of sports, like football, baseball, and hockey, but restrictions may apply to some amateur or high school sports to maintain the integrity of the games.

Who is ineligible to place sports bets in New Hampshire?

Individuals affiliated with professional sports teams, coaches, athletes, and sports officials are generally ineligible to place sports bets in New Hampshire to prevent potential conflicts of interest and game manipulation.

What other options for gambling are available in New Hampshire?

Aside from sports betting, other options for gambling in New Hampshire include traditional lottery games, casino gaming, including table games and slot machines at land-based casinos and online lottery sales.

Is daily fantasy sports legal in New Hampshire?

Yes, daily fantasy sports (DFS) are legal in New Hampshire. The state legalized DFS in 2017, allowing residents to participate in these contests through various DFS operators.

Who can apply for a New Hampshire sports betting license?

Operators who meet the state’s regulatory requirements and obtain licenses from the New Hampshire Lottery Commission can apply for a sports betting license in New Hampshire. These licenses may cover both retail and online sports betting platforms.

What is the legal gambling age in New Hampshire?

The legal gambling age varies depending on the type of gambling activity. For most forms of gambling, including lottery games and casino gaming, the minimum age is 18. However, for sports betting and some casino activities, the minimum age is 21.

How much revenue does New Hampshire sports betting generate?

Since the approval of New Hampshire sports betting, the state has experienced substantial financial gains from this form of gambling. Recent projections indicate that in under a year and a half, the state has generated earnings surpassing $37 million.

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