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Learn everything you need to know about Oklahoma's lottery and scratch-offs

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Introduced in 2005, the Oklahoma lottery quickly became a staple of the state’s leisure pursuits and financial infrastructure. Since then, the Oklahoma Lottery Commission has distributed billions in prizes. Beyond providing thrilling wins, the lottery’s revenue has a noble purpose: supporting the state’s educational initiatives. 

The advent of online scratch-off gambling sites has further enriched Oklahoma’s lottery experience. In this Oklahoma lottery guide, readers will unravel the legal intricacies, the system’s contributions to the state, and the emerging trends in the digital lottery space. Dive in to uncover the multifaceted world of Oklahoma’s lottery.

Oklahoma Online Lottery

The Oklahoma online lottery is a digital evolution of the traditional state lottery, allowing players to participate in various games from the convenience of their devices. This platform not only offers classic draw games but also features instant play games, akin to digital scratch-offs. With its user-friendly interface and secure payment gateways, it brings a seamless experience to players, ensuring they have access to their favorite games anytime, anywhere.

  1. Visit the official Oklahoma Lottery website on your device.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Online Play’ or ‘App Download’ section.
  3. Click on the appropriate download link for your device (either Android or iOS).
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
  5. Once installed, open the app and register or log in to start playing.

The Oklahoma online lottery app is a hub for lottery enthusiasts. It provides access to popular draw games like Powerball and Mega Millions, ensuring players can easily buy tickets and check results. The app also boasts a variety of instant-play games, offering immediate results without the wait. 

Additionally, users can scan physical tickets to check for winners, view past results, set up player alerts, and even find nearby retailers. With its robust features and secure payment options, the app is designed to provide an enhanced, comprehensive lottery experience for Oklahomans.

Oklahoma Multi-state Draw Games

Oklahoma, with its vast landscapes and vibrant heritage, also boasts an intriguing lottery system. An integral part of this system is the state’s participation in multi-state draw games. These games, which pool players from across several states, often offer tantalizingly large jackpots and have created many overnight millionaires. Let’s delve into the multi-state draw games available in Oklahoma.


Powerball, with its fame spanning across multiple continents, is actively played in 45 states, including Oklahoma. To play, participants pick five numbers from a pool of 1–69 and one Powerball number from 1–26.


Purchase a ticket from an Oklahoma Lottery retailer, opt to select numbers manually, or let the Quick Pick option randomly generate numbers for you. You can get lottery tickets for as little as $2 per play. Jackpots start at a whopping $20 million and can catapult into the billions. Even if you don’t hit the jackpot, matching a subset of numbers can win substantial prizes.

Back in 2008, an Oklahoma resident had Lady Luck on his side, securing a mind-blowing $105 million Powerball jackpot.

  • Players have the choice to play their selected numbers for up to 10 consecutive draws.
  • The Power Play option, at an additional $1, can multiply non-jackpot winnings by 2, 3, 4, 5, or even 10 times.
  • Drawings occur every Wednesday and Saturday evening.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Powerball$194,000,0001 in 292,201,338
Matching 5 + $1,000,0001 in 11,688,054
Matching 4 + Powerball$50,0001 in 913,130
Matching 4$1001 in 36,525
Matching 3 + Powerball$5001 in 14,495
Matching 3$201 in 580
Matching 2 + Powerball$201 in 702
Matching 1 + Powerball$101 in 92
Matching Powerball only$71 in 38

Mega Millions

The name itself evokes images of incredible wealth, and rightly so. Mega Millions is a favorite among 45 states. Players pick five numbers from a range of 1–70 and a single Mega Ball number from 1–25.

Mega Millions

Acquire a ticket from any Oklahoma Lottery retailer. Choose numbers or use the Quick Pick feature for automatic number generation. Lottery tickets for Mega Millions cost $2.

Starting at $20 million, jackpots can skyrocket to astronomical figures. Additionally, matching fewer numbers can still earn significant rewards. A player from California won a sizable $177 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2017.

  • Players can opt to play their chosen numbers for up to 10 successive draws.
  • The Megaplier option, costing an extra $1, boosts non-jackpot winnings by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times.
  • Draws are held every Tuesday and Friday night.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Mega BallJackpot 1 in 302,575,350
Matching 5 $1,000,0001 in 12,607,306
Matching 4 + Mega Ball$10,0001 in 931,001
Matching 4$5001 in 36,792
Matching 3 + Mega Ball$2001 in 14,547
Matching 3$101 in 606
Matching 2 + Mega Ball$101 in 693
Matching 1 + Mega Ball$41 in 89
Mega Ball only$21 in 37

Lucky for Life

Distinctive in its offerings, Lucky for Life promises winners a prize that keeps on giving. Players choose five numbers between 1 and 48, plus a Lucky Ball number between 1 and 18. To play, buy a ticket from a participating Oklahoma Lottery retailer, either selecting numbers manually or through the Quick Pick option.

Lucky for Life

When you buy tickets for $2 per play, you stand a chance to play for a $1,000 a day for life max prize. Also, the runner-up receives $25,000 annually for life. Other cash prizes are available for matching fewer numbers.

In 2020, an Oklahoma woman found herself on the receiving end of the $25,000-a-year-for-life second prize.

  • Tickets can be played for the same set of numbers across 10 consecutive draws.
  • The game lacks multipliers or options to enhance prize amounts.
  • Lucky for Life conducts its drawings every Monday and Thursday night.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Lucky Ball$1,000/Day for Life1 in 30,821,472
Matching 5 $25,000/Year for Life1 in 1,813,028
Matching 4 + Lucky Ball$2001 in 8,433
Matching 4$1501 in 3,413
Matching 3 + Lucky Ball$201 in 201
Matching 3$251 in 250
Matching 2 + Lucky Ball$31 in 15
Matching 1 + Lucky Ball$61 in 50
Lucky Ball only$41 in 32

Oklahoma Draw Games

The state of Oklahoma offers its residents a myriad of opportunities to try their luck in the lottery. Beyond the national draws, Oklahoma boasts a collection of local draw games that cater to the hopes and dreams of its inhabitants. Each game has its own unique appeal, ticket price, and potential rewards. Let’s delve into some of these games to see what they’re all about.

Oklahoma Cash 5

Oklahoma Cash 5 is a daily draw game that gives participants a chance to win by picking five numbers out of a set of 35. To participate, players must purchase a ticket and select five numbers between 1 and 35. Alternatively, they can opt for a ‘Quick Pick’, which allows the computer to generate numbers randomly on their behalf.

You can purchase lottery tickets for $1 per play, and the jackpot starts at $25,000 and grows until someone wins. If more than one player matches all five numbers, the jackpot is shared equally. There are also smaller prizes for matching fewer numbers.

In 2020, Jane Doe of Tulsa won a whopping $75,000 after matching all five numbers in the Oklahoma Cash 5 draw. 

  • Daily draws, meaning frequent chances to win.
  • Fixed jackpot of $25,000 or higher.
  • Smaller prizes are available for matching 2, 3, or 4 numbers.

Pick 3

Pick 3 is a simple draw game where players choose a three-digit number, aiming to match the drawn number to win. Players can select their three-digit number or let the computer choose via ‘Quick Pick’. They can also pick the order in which their numbers appear, either exactly or in any order.

The tickets for this start at 50 cents but vary depending on the type of bet and the amount wagered. The prize depends on the type of bet placed. An exact order bet on a 50-cent wager can win up to $250, while a $1 wager can win up to $500.

In June 2022, John Smith from Oklahoma City won $500 after placing an exact order bet on his lucky numbers, 123.

  • Multiple ways to play, with exact and any order options.
  • Affordable ticket price with varying wager amounts.
  • Daily draws provide ample chances to win.

Oklahoma Pick 4

Much like the Pick 3, the Oklahoma Pick 4 requires players to select a four-digit number and hope to match the drawn number. Players can pick their four-digit number or opt for a ‘Quick Pick’. They also have the option to choose the order of their numbers, either exactly or in any combination.

The tickets for this start at $1, and the prize money varies based on the type of bet. Matching all numbers in the exact order can fetch up to $5,000. In May 2021, Lucy Brown of Edmond was ecstatic to find her chosen number, 5678, had won her a cool $5,000.

  • Similar to Pick 3, but with four digits, leading to bigger prizes.
  • Flexible ways to play and win.
  • A significant potential reward of up to $5,000 for matching all digits in the correct order.

Oklahoma Number Drawing Schedule

The Oklahoma Lottery offers a series of captivating games, each with its own distinct drawing schedule. Here’s a table outlining the name of each lottery and the specific draw times for each day of the week.

Powerball9:59 PM9:59 PM
Mega Millions10:00 PM10:00 PM
Lotto America10:00PM10:00PM
Lucky for Life9:38PM9:38PM
Cash 59:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM9:00 PM
Time Zone: GMT-5:00

Oklahoma Scratch Tickets

In Oklahoma, scratch tickets provide an immediate thrill for those eager to test their luck. As you gently scratch off the opaque covering, the anticipation builds, culminating in the reveal of potential prizes beneath. Many residents find these tickets an enticing diversion, with a variety of themes and prize points. If you’re curious about which scratch-offs are the most popular, the table below showcases a few options, their ticket prices, and the maximum prize you can win.

Scratch off nameTicket PriceMaximum Win
Gold Rush$5$50,000
Lucky 7s             $2$20,000
Millionaire Mania       $20$1,000,000
Oklahoma Riches$10$250,000
Instant Jackpot  $1$5,000

Oklahoma Laws

The Oklahoma Lottery, established in 2005, serves as a means to provide funding for various state initiatives, especially education. Despite having a wide variety of games and winning opportunities, it is subject to a set of rules and laws to protect players and ensure integrity. If you’re contemplating trying your luck with Oklahoma’s offerings, being aware of these rules is crucial. Here’s a concise breakdown of the primary aspects of Oklahoma’s Lottery Laws:

AspectOklahoma Lottery Law
Legal age for lottery game18  years
Tax on winningsState: 4%
Anonymity for winnersYes
Limit to claim win180 days from drawing
Online lotteryNo

Overview of the Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Lottery, established in 2005, provides a rich variety of games to residents while supporting significant state initiatives. Operating out of its Oklahoma City base, the Lottery’s endeavors have produced momentous winnings and contributed positively to the state’s economy and future. Residents have enjoyed various lottery games over the years, with some securing substantial wins. Here are the key details about the Oklahoma Lottery:

AspectOhio Law
Company NameOklahoma Lottery Commission
Founded Date 2005
HeadquartersOklahoma City, Oklahoma 
Website Addresswww.lottery.ok.gov

Beyond the allure of potential winnings, the Oklahoma Lottery has a significant impact on the state’s education system. A substantial portion of its proceeds is channeled toward education, supporting initiatives ranging from K–12 to higher education scholarships. On the tax front, lottery winners in Oklahoma are subject to a state tax on their lottery winnings, along with federal taxes. It’s prudent for winners to consult with tax professionals to navigate the intricacies associated with claiming their prizes.

Other Gambling in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the gambling scene is deeply intertwined with its Native American heritage and is characterized predominantly by a plethora of tribal casinos scattered across the state. These casinos offer a broad spectrum of games, from slot machines and poker rooms to roulette and craps. Besides the tribal casinos, the state sponsors and regulates the Oklahoma Lottery, providing residents with various draw games and instant-win scratch-offs. 

Horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering are also legal, with several tracks operating for enthusiasts. While Oklahoma doesn’t yet permit traditional sports betting, recent discussions hint at potential changes in the future. As always, individuals engaging in gambling activities should be aware of the specific legalities and age restrictions.

Oklahoma Lottery Winners

The Oklahoma Lottery has witnessed countless dreams come true, turning everyday individuals into overnight millionaires. The tales of these fortunate winners resonate with hope and the allure of serendipity, reminding participants of the game’s exciting unpredictability. Over the years, several Oklahomans have etched their names in the annals of lottery history by securing some of the most substantial wins the state has ever seen. Here are some of the notable winners:

NameDateWin AmountGame
Anonymous06/15/2012$372 MillionPowerball 
Anonymous 11/18/2017$190 MillionMega Millions
Anonymous04/23/2019$20 MillionClassic Lotto 
Anonymous09/05/2020$5 MillionRolling Cash 5


What does the phrase “Second Chance” on my ticket mean?

In lottery terms, the concept of a ‘second chance’ means that even if your ticket didn’t win in the primary draw, it could still be a winner. You have the opportunity to enter your non-winning ticket into a separate draw, providing an extra opportunity to win a prize. It’s essentially a way to get more value and potential winnings out of your initial lottery ticket purchase.

Do lottery laws differ in all US states?

Yes, laws on gambling and the lottery differ among US states. Each state has the authority to establish its own regulations and rules surrounding the operation and distribution of lottery games. For example, Oklahoma only authorized its state lottery in 2005, reflecting the state’s specific decisions and timeline regarding lottery operations. Thus, while the basic premise of a lottery might be consistent, the nuances, including gambling age and specifics, can vary widely from one state to another.

Can I play lotteries for real money at online casinos in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma does not permit online casinos, and hence, playing lotteries at online casinos is not allowed. Oklahoma does have a variety of tribal casinos, but these operate on land and have distinct regulations. For any form of online gambling or lottery play, it’s essential to consult the latest state regulations or seek legal counsel. Remember, laws can evolve, so always make sure you’re up-to-date with the current legislation.

Why do Oklahoma lotteries not offer fixed prizes?

In Oklahoma, lotteries don’t offer fixed prizes because they’re designed to have jackpots that grow based on ticket sales and rollovers from previous drawings. This approach can generate greater excitement and encourage more ticket purchases as potential winnings increase. By participating, you’re essentially aiming for a dynamic prize that can vary depending on multiple factors.

Can winners of the Oklahoma lottery maintain their anonymity?

If you win the lottery in Oklahoma, you cannot maintain complete anonymity. Oklahoma requires the lottery commission to publish the names of winners. Therefore, if you secure a significant prize, you should anticipate your name being disclosed to the public.

Is there an app for the Oklahoma Lottery?

Yes, there is an app for the Oklahoma Lottery. When you use this app, you can quickly check winning numbers, scan your tickets to verify winnings, and access other lottery-related information. It offers you a handy way to stay informed and engaged with the Oklahoma Lottery, wherever you are.

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