Oklahoma Race Tracks: Where to Bet on Horse Races in OK

Learn about Oklahomas's race tracks and legal horse race betting options

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Horse racing in Oklahoma has carved out its niche, offering enthusiasts a chance to engage in legal betting within the state’s boundaries. As a permitted form of gambling, horse race betting remains a cherished tradition in the Sooner State, contributing to its rich cultural tapestry and providing a unique recreational outlet for both residents and visitors.

Most Popular Oklahoma Horse Race Tracks

Let’s take a look at the esteemed race tracks in Oklahoma. Here’s a comprehensive review of what each one has to offer:

Remington Park

Address: 1 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, USA
Phone: +1 405-424-1000

Situated in Oklahoma City, Remington Park is a centerpiece for Oklahoma horse racing enthusiasts. Its highlighted events include the Oklahoma Derby, a Grade III stakes event for three-year-old Thoroughbreds; the versatile Oklahoma Classics, accommodating horses across various ages and classifications; and the Springboard Mile, a Grade II race specifically for two-year-olds.

Punters can immerse themselves in a variety of betting pools at Remington, from the classic Win Three to the intricate Superfecta Pools. Beyond the excitement of the races, the venue’s vibrant casino is an attraction in its own right, boasting 750 gaming machines. 

Dining options are abundant with choices ranging from the relaxed ambiance of the Bricktown Brewery to the more upscale Silks restaurant. The park’s adaptability is also evident in its capacity to host a range of events, from corporate gatherings to intimate celebrations.

Remington Park

For guests considering an extended stay, numerous accommodation options are available nearby. And for those new to the world of Oklahoma horse racing, Remington Park offers a beginner-friendly approach to wagering, making it an inclusive destination for all.

Will Rogers Downs

Address: 20900 S 4200 Rd, Claremore, OK 74019, USA
Phone: +1 918-283-8800

Will Rogers Downs, a prime horse racing facility owned by the Cherokee Nation, is renowned for hosting several prominent races throughout the season. 

Among the highlights are the Grade II Will Rogers Downs Futurity for two-year-old Thoroughbreds, the preparatory Will Rogers Downs Derby Trial, the exclusive Will Rogers Downs Distaff for fillies and mares, and the exhilarating Will Rogers Downs Sprint for seasoned horses. 

Will Rogers Downs

Betting enthusiasts will appreciate the diverse wagering options available, ranging from basic Win, Place, and Show bets to more complex Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, and Daily Double selections. 

Beyond the races, visitors can indulge in a wide array of amenities, including comfortable accommodations, a vibrant casino with a mix of slots and table games, various dining choices, and event spaces to cater to special occasions.

Fair Meadows 

Address: 2102, 4609 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114, USA
Phone: +1 918-743-7223

Fair Meadows in Tulsa stands as a prominent race track with a rich history in the Oklahoma horse racing scene. Home to several noteworthy races, the track has become particularly famous for events like the Tulsa County Fair Cup, a stakes race for three-year-olds and older horses that has been run since 2004. 

Other notable races include the Tulsa County Fair Distaff for fillies and mares, the Tulsa County Fair Sprint, the Tulsa County Fair Maiden Special Weight, and the Tulsa County Fair Starter Optional Claiming, each offering its own unique challenges and rewards for participants and spectators alike.

Betting enthusiasts flock to Fair Meadows for its diverse pari-mutuel wagering opportunities. Beyond the conventional win, place, and show bets, this race track specializes in both Thoroughbred betting and quarter horse racing, ensuring a wide range of races for fans. 

At Tattersall, the dedicated betting area, punters can indulge in exactas, trifectas, superfectas, daily doubles, and the intricate pick 3, pick 4, and pick 5 pools. Whether you’re familiar with pari-mutuel betting or new to the scene, Fair Meadows provides an engaging environment for every type of wagerer.

But Fair Meadows isn’t solely about the races; it’s also about the experience. The grandstand provides diverse seating choices ranging from general admission to reserved and box seats, complemented by an in-house restaurant and bar. 

Before the races kick off, attendees can venture to the paddock, watching as horses are saddled and paraded, offering an intimate perspective of the race preparations. After the races, the Winners Circle comes alive with celebration, as jubilant jockeys and their champion steeds bask in their victory.

Fair Meadows

When it comes to amenities, Fair Meadows doesn’t disappoint. A variety of food and beverage stations ensure that visitors never go hungry, and for families, the Family Fun Zone serves as a delightful retreat for young ones with attractions like a playground, carousel, and kiddie train. 

And to top it all off, parking at Fair Meadows is entirely free, ensuring a hassle-free visit.

List of All Oklahoma Race Tracks

Oklahoma has long held a tradition in horse racing, with tracks scattered throughout the state, each contributing to the state’s rich equestrian tapestry. These Oklahoma race tracks offer a testament to the state’s commitment to the sport, hosting both Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. 

Here, we provide a list of these venues, detailing the distinct charm and history each holds within the larger framework of Oklahoma horse racing.

Venue NameTownAddressPhoneBetting
Remington ParkOklahoma City, OK1 Remington Pl, Oklahoma City, OK 73111, USA+1 405-424-1000Yes
Will Rogers DownsClaremore, OK20900 S 4200 Rd, Claremore, OK 74019, USA+1 918-283-8800Yes
Fair MeadowsTulsa, OK2102, 4609 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114, USA+1 918-743-7223Yes

Simulcast Wagering in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, where the spirit of horse racing runs deep, simulcast wagering has carved its niche, allowing enthusiasts to feel the pulse of races from afar. 

While Oklahoma race tracks showcase riveting live racing events, from the swift energy of quarter horse sprints to the enduring lure of thoroughbred contests, simulcasting offers bettors the opportunity to wager on races happening beyond state borders. It’s a testament to the state’s commitment to evolve with the times while preserving the essence of Oklahoma racing. 

Cherokee Casino

For many, whether at the track or in a simulcast lounge, Oklahoma horse racing remains not just a pastime, but a cherished tradition. Here is a list of locations with simulcast wagering:

  • Thunder Roadhouse Café, Oklahoma City
    Address: 900 W Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73114-2007
  • Heritage Place, Oklahoma City
    Address: 2829 S MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73128, USA
  • Cherokee Casino-Sallisaw, Sallisaw
    Address: 1621 W Ruth Ave, Sallisaw, OK 74955, USA
  • Choctaw Casino & Resort, Durant
    Address: 4216 US-69, Durant, OK 74701, USA
  • Indigo Sky Casino, Wyandotte
    Address: 70220 E Hwy 60, Wyandotte, OK 74370, USA
  • Newcastle Casino, Newcastle
    Address: 2457 US-62, Newcastle, OK 73065, USA

Popular Horse Races in Oklahoma with Dates

Oklahoma, with its rich equestrian heritage, is home to several prominent horse races that attract enthusiasts from all over the country. Each race, celebrated at its respective race track, adds to the vibrant tapestry of Oklahoma’s horse racing tradition. 

Here’s a quick glimpse into the annual racing calendar, showcasing some of the state’s most awaited events:

Horse Race NameRacing Dates
Oklahoma DerbyFirst Sunday in September (Remington Park, Oklahoma City)
Will Rogers Downs FuturityFirst Saturday in June (Will Rogers Downs, Claremore)
Oklahoma ClassicsFirst Friday and Saturday in October (Remington Park, Oklahoma City)
Springboard MileFirst Friday in December (Remington Park, Oklahoma City)
Black Gold FuturityFirst Saturday in July (Fair Meadows Tulsa)

Types of Horse Betting Legal in Oklahoma

At the heart of Oklahoma’s horse racing scene are the state’s esteemed race tracks, each offering a thrilling tapestry of equine prowess and betting exhilaration. For those looking to immerse themselves in the action, Oklahoma race tracks present a diverse range of wagering options to fit every kind of bettor.

To begin, there’s the straightforward Win bet, where one picks the horse expected to claim victory. For those who prefer spreading their odds a bit, the Place bet allows a wager on a horse finishing either in the top spot or as the runner-up. The Show bet, meanwhile, broadens this scope, with a prediction that a chosen horse will finish within the top three positions.

For bettors seeking a bit more intricacy and challenge, the Exacta is a tantalizing option, where the task is to forecast the top two finishers in their precise order. The Trifecta and Superfecta bets elevate this challenge, focusing on the first three and four finishers, respectively, in their exact sequence.

Horse race betting

Moreover, Oklahoma race tracks offer a chance to engage with multiple races through bets like the Daily Double, which focuses on predicting winners of two back-to-back races. The sequential allure continues with the Pick 3, Pick 4, and Pick 5 wagers, where one’s foresight is tested across three, four, or five consecutive races.

If you find yourself missing certain bet types at local venues, consider checking out online sportsbooks. These platforms often provide a diverse range of wagering options that might have your specific betting need covered.

Other Types of Gambling in Oklahoma

As per US gambling laws by state, Oklahoma stands out with its varied wagering landscape. Delving into the intricacies of Oklahoma’s gambling law, the state not only provides a robust platform for traditional horse racing but also embraces some full-fledged tribal casinos under the Tribal-State Compact. 

Beyond these local options, offshore gambling alternatives welcome Oklahoma residents with open arms, offering a broader spectrum of betting opportunities. Moreover, the Sooner State’s legal framework ensures that the community’s spirit of entertainment also encompasses charitable games, such as bingo and raffles.

Here is more information about gambling in Oklahoma:

History of Oklahoma Race Tracks

The plains of Oklahoma have echoed with the gallops of horses long before it became a state. The native tribes held horse races as a form of entertainment and competition. However, formalized Oklahoma horse racing, as we know it today, has its roots in the early 20th century.

Oklahoma’s equestrian heritage began to flourish as communities and investors saw the potential of horse racing as both a sport and a business. 

By the mid-20th century, several Oklahoma race tracks had sprung up, drawing crowds from all over the state and beyond. The passion for thoroughbreds and the thrill of the race became an intrinsic part of Oklahoma’s cultural fabric.

Remington Park racing

The state saw a significant turning point in 1982 when pari-mutuel betting was legalized, leading to an influx of investments in the racing industry. Remington Park in Oklahoma City, one of the most iconic tracks, opened its doors in 1988 and quickly became a hub for both racing and betting enthusiasts.

Oklahoma horse racing underwent several regulatory changes over the years, adapting to the needs of the times and the demands of the public. From restrictions to expansions, the journey of horse race betting in Oklahoma reflects the state’s evolving relationship with gambling. 

Today, Oklahoma race tracks stand as a testament to the state’s rich equestrian legacy, marrying the age-old thrill of the race with modern betting facilities.

For a more comprehensive look at Oklahoma’s history, visit https://www.okhistory.org/.

Oklahoma Gambling FAQ

Is Oklahoma horse racing legal?

Yes, horse racing is legal in Oklahoma. Pari-mutuel betting on horse racing was legalized in Oklahoma via a 1982 ballot initiative.

Can I bet on horse races in other states?

Yes, you can bet on horse races in other states. This is called off-track betting (OTB). OTB is legal in most states, but there are some restrictions. For example, some states only allow OTB at licensed facilities, while others allow it online.

What’s the largest race track in Oklahoma?

The largest race track in Oklahoma is Remington Park in Oklahoma City. It has a one-mile dirt track and a seven-eighths-mile turf track. The grandstand can seat up to 16,000 people.

How has Oklahoma responded to the repeal of PASPA in terms of sports betting legalization?

Since the repeal of PASPA in 2018, Oklahoma has explored avenues to legalize and regulate sports betting. Discussions and negotiations are ongoing to create a regulatory framework for sports betting in Oklahoma.

Can I bet on horse races online in Oklahoma?

Since the legalization of pari-mutuel betting in 1982, Oklahoma tracks have expanded to offer simulcast and live race wagering at numerous locations. Offshore safe and trusted bookmakers also present an alternative, broadening betting options for Oklahoma residents.

What’s the minimum age to bet on horses in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, responsible gambling is emphasized, and individuals must be at least 18 years old to bet on horses. To place a wager, one must also present a valid government-issued ID to ensure compliance with age restrictions.

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