Panda Interactive Sues Genius and Sportradar Over Interactive Sports Betting Streams Patent

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Sports betting technology operator Panda Interactive, operating under SportsCastr Inc., has initiated legal proceedings against Sportradar Group AG and Genius Sports Limited.

The lawsuits were filed separately but concurrently in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas this week. They both allege infringement on Panda’s patented interactive streaming technology that enables simultaneous viewing and betting during a sporting event.

Last month, Genius debuted its live NFL betting package, which lets regulated U.S. sportsbook players watch live NFL games and bet on them from one stream for the first time.

However, Panda Interactive says it first developed the technology years ago, and has been providing it to various sportsbooks and leagues across global markets, including the Canadian Elite Basketball League.

“We have made substantial investments in the development of our technology and cannot tolerate having our patented technology used unfairly by others and against us,” said Panda Interactive Chairman Donald Schupak in a statement.

“No one wants to see their own arsenal used against them in battle.”

Infringing on Patents

Panda Interactive says its Watch & Play system is patented technology that allows viewers to observe real-time odds and place bets while engaged in watching a sporting event in real time.

Kevin April, CEO of Panda Interactive, emphasized the pioneering nature of their technology, asserting that it was developed even before sports betting legalization began in the U.S.

“Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and capitalizing on our groundbreaking work,” he said.

Genius and Sportradar are two well-known sports data providers to sportsbooks across the U.S. They cover most of the various top-tier sports leagues between them.

Genius Sports recently introduced its NFL BetVision product, which allows users to bet and stream NFL games, integrating betting slips and interactive stats on the screen. This is the first time the biggest U.S. sports league of them all has offered such a product.

On the other hand, Sportradar offers a watch-and-bet product within its sportsbook provision, enabling operators to annually offer up to 400,000 sporting events for live streaming. Both companies have been accused of “unfairly using” Panda’s patented technology, which facilitates concurrent betting and streaming.

The Stakes and Implications of the Lawsuit

The legal battle brings to the forefront the intricate interplay between media, sports betting, and technological innovation, especially considering the substantial investments and developments that have been made in these domains.

All three companies seem to agree that live streaming and betting on games will be a key part of the U.S. sports betting market in the future, and therefore a lucrative service to offer.

The outcome of these lawsuits could potentially have significant implications for the sports tech and betting industry, particularly in the context of proprietary technology and intellectual property rights.

As well as offering their live in-stream betting platform, Panda Interactive also offers “Panda Cub.” This service uses artificial intelligence to scan traditional and social sports media for breaking sports news or info, and then suggests odds-tweaks for operators. It is licensed for operation in six U.S. states.

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