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Learn everything you need to know about South Carolina's lottery and scratch-offs

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Since its legalization in 2001, the lottery landscape in South Carolina has blossomed into a thriving sector. Managed scrupulously by the South Carolina Education Lottery Commission, this state-run entity has reportedly paid out billions in winnings over the past decades, facilitating numerous joyous moments for the locals. These lottery proceeds significantly contribute to the Educational Lottery Account, supporting educational programs and scholarships. Additionally, a vivid assortment of games, including offerings from scratch-off online gambling sites, cater to various preferences.

As you delve into this South Carolina lottery guide, anticipate a comprehensive exploration of the lottery’s transformative journey in the state. From understanding the legal frameworks to deciphering winning strategies at scratch-off sites, this guide promises to be your seasoned companion in navigating the exciting world of lottery in South Carolina.

South Carolina Online Lottery

In South Carolina, the online lottery serves as a thrilling gateway to a variety of games right at your fingertips, bringing convenience and excitement together. Over the years, the South Carolina online lottery has expanded to offer an array of games ranging from daily draws to instant win games, all accessible through user-friendly platforms. This state-run operation not only promises entertainment but also contributes significantly to educational initiatives within the state.

  1. Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the official South Carolina lottery website using your preferred web browser.
  2. Download the App: Locate the section dedicated to the mobile app, generally found either in the main menu or at the footer of the website. Click on the appropriate link for your device (iOS or Android) to initiate the download process.
  3. Install the App: After downloading, proceed to install the app on your smartphone by following the on-screen instructions.
  4. Register or Log in: Open the app and either log in to your existing account or create a new one by providing the necessary details.
  5. Verification: Complete any verification processes required, ensuring your account is secure and ready to use.
  6. Get Started: Now, you’re all set to explore the exciting world of the South Carolina online lottery. Familiarize yourself with the app’s features and functionalities by browsing through various sections.

Embarking on this digital lottery journey, you’ll be greeted with a plethora of gaming options. The app boasts a range of games including Powerball, Mega Millions, and a selection of instant games that offer the thrill of scratch-offs without the need for a physical ticket. Moreover, you can take advantage of the app’s user-friendly interface to easily check winning numbers, locate nearby retailers, and even scan tickets to see if you’ve won. 

Aside from the gaming aspect, the app serves as a portal to understand how lottery revenues are channeled back into the community, supporting a range of educational programs. Thus, while you indulge in a game or two, you are also contributing to a noble cause, fostering education in South Carolina. Experience seamless gaming and contribute to a greater purpose with the South Carolina online lottery app.

South Carolina Multi-State Draw Games

South Carolina’s multi-state draw games have long been a significant attraction, weaving dreams of fortune and fostering camaraderie amongst participants. Whether you are a seasoned player or a newcomer eager to try your luck, these games offer excitement, substantial prizes, and the bonus of contributing to the state’s education initiatives. Let’s walk you through the intricacies of each prominent multi-state draw game available in South Carolina, guiding you step-by-step through the process of potentially becoming the next big winner in the Palmetto State.


Dipping your toes in the vast pool of the Powerball lottery could be your ticket to unimaginable wealth. Participating is quite straightforward: purchase a ticket for $2 from any official retailer within South Carolina. Then, select five numbers from a range of 1-69 and a Powerball number between 1 and 26. For an extra dollar, you can add the Power Play option, multiplying non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times.


South Carolina has a rich history of producing Powerball winners, with one of the most notable being Solomon Jackson Jr. from Columbia, who bagged a jaw-dropping $259.9 million jackpot in 2009. Such stories of fortune continue to entice residents to participate in this game of luck and strategy.

  • You can buy lottery tickets for $2, with an optional Power Play feature at an additional $1.
  • A range of prizes from smaller amounts to jaw-dropping multi-million dollar jackpots.
  • Purchase a ticket at an authorized retailer, selecting numbers manually or utilizing the quick pick feature for random selection.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Powerball$194,000,0001 in 292,201,338
Matching 5 + $1,000,0001 in 11,688,054
Matching 4 + Powerball$50,0001 in 913,130
Matching 4$1001 in 36,525
Matching 3 + Powerball$5001 in 14,495
Matching 3$201 in 580
Matching 2 + Powerball$201 in 702
Matching 1 + Powerball$101 in 92
Matching Powerball only$71 in 38

Mega Millions

The Mega Millions lottery stands as another beacon of hope for aspiring millionaires in South Carolina. Embarking on this journey requires you to buy a $2 ticket from an official retailer, where you will select five numbers from a pool of 70 and a Mega Ball number from a set of 25. Enhance your winnings with the Megaplier option, available for an extra dollar, potentially multiplying non-jackpot prizes.

Mega Millions

South Carolina has witnessed several monumental wins, including a historic $1.537 billion jackpot won by an anonymous person in Simpsonville in 2018, marking one of the largest jackpots in lottery history.

  • Ticket price costs $2, plus an optional $1 for the Megaplier feature.
  • Prizes span various levels, from small cash winnings to staggering jackpots changing lives forever.
  • Acquire a ticket from an official retailer, opting to choose your numbers or using the quick pick option for random selection.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Mega BallJackpot 1 in 302,575,350
Matching 5 $1,000,0001 in 12,607,306
Matching 4 + Mega Ball$10,0001 in 931,001
Matching 4$5001 in 36,792
Matching 3 + Mega Ball$2001 in 14,547
Matching 3$101 in 606
Matching 2 + Mega Ball$101 in 693
Matching 1 + Mega Ball$41 in 89
Mega Ball only$21 in 37

Lucky for Life

Lucky for Life offers a refreshing departure from lump-sum jackpots, presenting an enticing promise of $1,000 daily for life for the winners. To partake, buy a $2 ticket from a licensed retailer in South Carolina and select five numbers from a range of 48, coupled with one Lucky Ball from a set of 18. The game’s structure provides various prize tiers, including a second prize that bestows $25,000 a year for life.

Lucky for Life

South Carolina has been home to numerous winners in this game, with individuals claiming prizes that transform their financial landscapes, bringing daily joy and lifelong stability.

  • You can purchase lottery tickets for $2.
  • Various prize levels are available, including the grand prize of $1,000 per day for life.
  • Purchase a ticket from an authorized retailer, selecting your numbers or opting for a quick pick to randomly generate numbers.
Matching numbers Prize amountOdds
Matching 5 + Lucky Ball$1,000/Day for Life1 in 30,821,472
Matching 5 $25,000/Year for Life1 in 1,813,028
Matching 4 + Lucky Ball$2001 in 8,433
Matching 4$1501 in 3,413
Matching 3 + Lucky Ball$201 in 201
Matching 3$251 in 250
Matching 2 + Lucky Ball$31 in 15
Matching 1 + Lucky Ball$61 in 50
Lucky Ball only$41 in 32

South Carolina Draw Games

In the vibrant state of South Carolina, local draw games play a quintessential role in unifying communities and generating funds for education initiatives. Offering an enticing blend of fun, anticipation, and the potential for substantial rewards, these local games have become an integral part of the state’s culture. As you venture into the world of South Carolina’s local draw games, we guide you through a selection of prominent offerings, providing you with comprehensive insights to fuel your lottery journey.

Palmetto Cash 5

South Carolina’s very own Palmetto Cash 5 offers a daily dose of excitement with substantial prizes up for grabs. To immerse yourself in this enticing game, purchase a ticket priced at $1 from any official lottery retailer in the state. You will select five numbers from a pool of 38. Enhance your potential winnings with the Power-Up multiplier for an additional $1, which can multiply your winnings up to five times.

The Palmetto Cash 5 has crowned numerous winners, including a fortunate Columbia resident who bagged a $300,000 prize, becoming a testament to the opportunities this game presents.

  • Ticket prizes cost $1, with an optional Power-Up multiplier for an extra $1.
  • Several prize tiers are available, providing ample opportunities to win.
  • Acquire your ticket from an official retailer and choose your numbers or opt for the quick pick selection.

Pick 4

The Pick 4 game offers a fantastic daily opportunity for winning big with a minimal investment. To partake, buy a ticket starting at 50 cents, and select a four-digit number ranging from 0000 to 9999. You can opt for various play types, including straight, box, straight/box, and combo, each offering different winning potentials.

South Carolina has seen a plethora of winners in this category, including one memorable event where a unique number combination resulted in a massive payout to multiple winners, showcasing the immense potential of the game.

  • Ticket prize starts at 50 cents, varying based on your chosen play type.
  • Depending on your play type, you can win substantial prizes.
  • Purchase a ticket from an authorized retailer, select a four-digit number, and choose your preferred play type.

Pick 3

If you’re looking for a simple yet rewarding lottery experience, the Pick 3 game in South Carolina might just be your go-to option. With ticket prices starting at 50 cents, participants select a three-digit number from 000 to 999, with the opportunity to choose from various play types, similar to the Pick 4 game.

The game has witnessed numerous winners, with many South Carolina residents bagging substantial amounts regularly, demonstrating the lucrative nature of the game.

  • Lottery tickets cost 50 cents, with the final price depending on your chosen play type.
  • Several prize options available, providing great winning potential.
  • Purchase your ticket from an official retailer, select a three-digit number, and decide on your preferred play type.

South Carolina Number Drawing Schedule

Diving into the thrilling world of the South Carolina Lottery? It’s essential to have the drawing schedules at your fingertips to seize every opportunity. Below, we have prepared a detailed schedule for you, highlighting the drawing times for each lottery throughout the week.

Mega Millions11:00 PM11:00 PM
Lucky for Life10:38 PM10:38 PM
Powerball10:59 PM10:59 PM
Palmetto Cash 56:59 PM6:59 PM6:59 PM6:59 PM6:59 PM6:59 PM6:59 PM
Pick 412:59 PM and6:59 PM12:59 PM and6:59 PM12:59 PMand6:59 PM12:59 PM and6:59 PM12:59 PM and6:59 PM12:59 PM and6:59 PM6:59 PM
Time Zone: GMT-5

South Carolina Scratch Tickets

Embarking on a journey through South Carolina’s exciting world of scratch tickets promises not only fun but also opportunities for splendid wins. From the moment you scratch off that silvery layer, a rush of anticipation and excitement floods in, with the potential of uncovering a windfall. As a connoisseur of South Carolina scratch tickets, you get to choose from an enticing range of options, each offering a distinct blend of thrill and reward. Dive right in, and you might just scrape off your way to a fortune.

Scratch off nameTicket PriceMaximum Win
Millionaire Series $30$1,000,000
Royal Winnings       $10$200,000
Winning 777$5$100,000
Triple Red 7s     $2$20,000
Cash Money   $1$5,000

South Carolina Lottery Laws

As you navigate the thrilling landscape of the South Carolina Lottery, an understanding of the governing laws is indispensable. These legal frameworks ensure a secure and orderly gaming atmosphere, fostering responsible play. Being adept with these laws will help in sculpting a seamless and knowledgeable lottery experience. Here, we outline vital legal facets that you should familiarize yourself with while indulging in the South Carolina Lottery.

AspectSouth Carolina Lottery Law
Legal age for lottery game18  years
Tax on winningsFederal tax: 24%, State tax: 7%
Anonymity for winnersYes
Limit to claim win180 days
Online lotteryNo

Overview of the South Carolina Lottery

In the vibrant realm of South Carolina, the state lottery stands as a cornerstone of recreational activity, drawing participation from a wide swath of the community. Instituted with the mission to generate revenue for educational initiatives, the South Carolina Education Lottery has been a beacon of hope and excitement since its inception in 2002. With each ticket purchase, participants not only eye the tantalizing prospect of substantial wins but also contribute towards the enriching of educational infrastructure in the state. Below is a concise digest of information about the main lottery body in South Carolina:

AspectSouth Carolina Law
Company NameSouth Carolina Education Lottery
Founded Date 2002
HeadquartersColumbia, South Carolina
Biggest Win in History$1.537 billion (Mega Millions, October 2018)

A significant portion of the lottery proceeds is funneled into the Education Lottery Account, which substantially contributes to funding educational programs and initiatives across the state. When it comes to the taxation on winnings, the state levies a 7% tax in addition to the federal tax of 24%, aggregating to a substantial deduction from the prize money. It’s essential to factor in these tax implications as you plan your lottery participation strategy.

Other Gambling in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the realm of legal gambling is notably narrower when compared to other states in the US. While the state operates a lottery, offering a selection of draw games and scratch-off tickets that provide residents with opportunities for entertainment and wins, other forms of gambling are conspicuously limited. Casino operations and slot machines are generally prohibited, except for the existence of casino boats that operate off the coast, allowing patrons to experience casino-style games in international waters. 

Additionally, South Carolina doesn’t currently offer any legal avenues for sports betting, either online or at physical venues. It’s important for enthusiasts to remain within the boundaries of the state’s legal provisions to enjoy a safe and compliant gambling experience.

South Carolina Winners

In the realm of South Carolina’s lottery landscape, countless individuals have had their lives transformed with momentous wins that have brought forth not only immense wealth but exhilarating stories of fortune and dreams realized. These winners, coming from various walks of life, have experienced first-hand the euphoria that accompanies a victorious moment in the lottery, turning ordinary days into extraordinary memories. Below, we have curated a table showcasing some of the record lottery winners in South Carolina, individuals who have encountered life-altering wins that have etched their names in the annals of the state’s lottery history.

NameDateWin AmountGame
Anonymous                October 2018$1.537 BillionMega Millions
Solomon Jackson Jr.August 2009$259.9 MillionPowerball
Anonymous April 2014$399.4 MillionPowerball
The Sea Grove FamilyJune 2014$1 MillionMillionaire Raffle
Lou AdamsDecember 2008$2 MillionMega Millions


What does the phrase “Second Chance” on my ticket mean?

When you see “Second Chance” on your lottery ticket, it means you have an additional opportunity to win, even if your ticket wasn’t initially a winner. Many lotteries offer second chance drawings, allowing you to enter non-winning tickets for a chance at prizes separate from the main draw.

Do lottery laws differ in all US states?

Yes, laws on gambling and lottery do differ significantly across all US states. Each state has its own set of rules and regulations governing the operation of lotteries. The variations might pertain to the legal age to play, the types of games available, and how the revenues are allocated.

Can I play lotteries for real money at online casinos in South Carolina?

While you can participate in lottery games through the official South Carolina Lottery website, playing them through real money online casinos isn’t a sanctioned option at present. It’s always recommended to stick to authorized platforms to play lottery games, ensuring your safety and adherence to state regulations.

Why do South Carolina lotteries not offer fixed prizes?

In South Carolina, lotteries generally do not offer fixed prizes in order to create a more dynamic and potentially lucrative prize pool for you, the participant. This setup means that the jackpot or top prizes often vary based on ticket sales, allowing for the potential of larger winnings if more people participate. It’s an approach that can often add to the excitement and anticipation, as you might stand to win a significant sum if luck is on your side.

Can winners of the South Carolina lottery maintain their anonymity?

Yes, if you are lucky enough to secure a winning ticket in the South Carolina lottery, you have the privilege to maintain your anonymity. South Carolina is one of the states that respects the privacy of winners, allowing you to withhold your identity from the public if you choose to do so. This feature helps to protect winners from potential unwanted attention and ensures their privacy in the aftermath of a significant win.

Is there an app for the South Carolina lottery?

Yes, for those residing in or visiting South Carolina, you’ll be pleased to know that there is an official app for the South Carolina lottery. This application, available on your smartphone, provides a convenient platform where you can check winning numbers, find nearby retailers, and stay updated on the latest lottery news and promotions. Make sure to download the app from the official website or legitimate app stores to ensure a secure and smooth lottery-playing experience.

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