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This section alone could include thousands of pages of profiles. Think of all of the companies that either make up the gambling industry or serve it in some way.

Look at everything that has to be built and maintained for you to play blackjack on your computer. I’m sure I’ve forgotten at least a few things, but consider this list.

  • The software provider who created the blackjack game and casino platform
  • The company that licenses the software and owns the online casino
  • The financial services companies that are involved in moving your money into and out of the casino
  • The Internet itself, from the people who built it to those who helped it grow to where it is today
  • The companies that made all of the parts for your computer and the company that assembled them
  • The marketing department of the online casino that places ads to tell the public what they have to offer
  • The affiliates who recommend the casino on their web site or email list
  • The tracking companies that work with the casino site to help them understand where their traffic is coming from and how they can improve it
  • The politicians around the world that have been involved in you being able to gamble online
  • The country that licensed the online casino

The list could go on and on. And this is just a look at an example covering online play. What if you considered one of the large groups that own casinos in Las Vegas?

Think of all of the companies that provide services for land-based casinos. From all of the different companies that produce slot machines and table games to security companies to the people in the kitchens and laundry departments.

So often we ignore everything that has to happen behind the scenes in order for something to work. When we flip the light switch we expect the light to come on. We don’t think about the power plant generating the electricity and the lines that carry it and everything else that happens to make sure our light works. But we sure start looking for someone to blame when the light doesn’t work.

The same can be said for the blackjack game we play on our computer or the one that’s offered at the local casino. All we want to do is play, not worry about why we can play.

As you go through the gamblers, influencers, and companies that shape the gambling world consider how far things have come in the last 100 years. Many things have improved a great deal and some things haven’t changed much at all.

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